What my 10- year- old Son’s Fortnite Team Taught me about Team Building and Leadership

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A week ago I happened to come across a piece of paper with an organizational structure and map of sort written by my son. He had an outline of his Fortnite Team called Timo. 

Here’s the Timo Team Organizational Structure: 

  • The team- Timo
  • The meaning of the team name: Honoring God
  • Mission: To build the best fortnite players in world.
  • The founder/creator: My Son
  • Leaders 
  • Co-leaders/ co-founders
  • CEO
  • Members (right now 20 members and counting)

He created the team by reaching out to extremely good players. He found his Co-founders by posting in a group and amongst the co-founders he selected a CEO/owner. He then reached out to more people and grew his team to about 20 members. They play together to sharpen their skills. There are about 8 tiers of membership  based on age group and skill level and each member tier has it’s own leader. How cool is that? 

This morning I found out he (my son) is on another team with people of his same skill level. He lets the CEO manage Timo team and daily plays. 

I asked why he isn’t on the team he created? He said he wanted the team to grow with the help of the CEO and leaders and not be the in the way. He also wanted to sharpen his skills and come back to Timo to lead. I was puzzled but I get it. So many times we can become complacent or feel like mini gods when we are in charge or when we start a team. He explained that he made sure he selected better players than himself that can teach him so he gets better. As a mom and a business woman, I honestly never taught him any of these. He somehow learned this on his own. So many times we build businesses and waste resources teaching and training people to do their jobs (nothing wrong with that). 

But looking at my son’s strategy, I’m leaning towards hiring and recruiting people better than me. Meaning, hiring and collaborating with people who can run with my vision and be incredible at their jobs from day one. People who can teach me and people I can learn from. 

I learned a few lessons from this TIMO Team created by my 10 year old son:

  1. Look for people smarter and better than you to build your business, nonprofit, organizations etc. Give them all the tools to thrive and step back as they create magic. My son spends time researching and looking for players who are better than him. Then he allows the CEO manage TIMO Team, micro managing a team isn’t healthy and limits the growth of the business.
  2. Reach out to people to grow your team. You can’t run your business alone, find and build a team with A+ players. Sit and learn from them to grow rapidly. There are people willing to run with your vision if you share it effectively.
  3. Believe in the power of collaboration. Collaboration is a key to expedited success. If you see a team, business,company, person, etc. that is better than you or your business and can add to your growth.. reach out and collaborate. 
  4. Step aside, once you create an effective team; step aside and let them run with your vision. My son spends time on other online teams to better his skills. He streams his games and spends time learning video game editing instead of running TIMO. Just because you created something doesn’t mean you must run it. 
  5. Be confident. My son believes in his ability to play really well. He calls himself the greatest fortnite player alive. Believe in your idea, your dream, and look for others that can help make it happen. 

This is the last week of the year, so as you begin to structure your business and organization, keep Timo Team in mind. Some of it  you may already have implemented but some may be a great addition to your business in 2020.

Happy New Year in Advance. 

Follow my son on and You can also subscribe to Timo Fortin (my son) YouTube channel and twitch account. Also they still need young members so maybe you know tweens that can join the team.  and



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