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We chatted with fashion designer Adeola Mosanya about what inspires her, what makes for a successful business, and lessons to learn from failures. Her opulent brand of African inspired designs and styles are made for the modern-day woman. The allure of her pieces and the simplicity of her designs are breathtakingly sophisticated. Adeola started in 2016 and is simply inspiring. She went on about what inspires her and the inspiration behind the name of her brand which embodies this: “Ade” means crown (luxury) and “Ara” means style. Her pieces are definitely one of a kind luxury designs meant for a queen. She is definitely a designer to watch out for as she unveils more of her unique styles on the runway.


What or Who inspired you to start your business?

I was always inspired by the people around me who were bold enough to step out on faith and create businesses that became successful. And I believe that it is my purpose to start and grow a business that gives me the freedom to create and inspire others.
I also wanted to start an organization that would be sustainable long-term and create clothing pieces that connect with the African culture  and are relevant to the modern woman.


How do you develop Key partnerships?

In developing partnerships, it is important to be self-aware, know your worth as well as what value you bring to the table. This will enable you to negotiate the terms of your partnership in a way that will be beneficial to both you and party involved.


How did you get funded or what creative strategies did you use to execute on minimal cash flow?

I have been able to fund my business through savings from my 9-5. Doing this takes a lot of planning and budgeting but it is worth it.


What habits helped make you successful?

Staying focused and consistent with my goals. It also helps to surround yourself with a group of likeminded people who you can seek advice from.


How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

By creating unique pieces (clothing), that are inspired by elements in African culture but are still relevant to the modern woman. Adeárá also seeks to create a pleasurable experience for customers from the start to finish.


What was your biggest mistake?

Failing to make adequate financial projections on expenses and limiting myself from promoting my business because I tend to be introverted. I have learned that you are your greatest promoter and it is okay to talk about your business, otherwise you risk isolating yourself from opportunities.


How do you deal with failure and how do you learn from failures?

Identify the root cause of the failure, come up with different solutions that can present a better outcome, and don’t dwell on the failure, move forward!


What was unexpected when you started your business?
I underestimated exactly how much time, resources and patience I would need to get my business to the point where I want it to be. I think it is very easy to compare your business to others especially through social media. This is an absolute no no.


What did you learn?

Starting Adeárá has enabled me to come in contact with a lot of great people that I otherwise would not have met. It has also pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and work harder for my goals and vision.


What would you have done differently?

I would have worked harder in developing my business plan in the beginning (as this is the blue print for the business). I now have a fully developed plan, but had I done this earlier, I could have avoided many mistakes I initially made.


How do you test your assumptions?

In my case, testing assumptions involved a lot of trial and error. But I would advise due diligence in the research and development stage of your product. Part of this involves testing your potential market with samples before fully committing time and resources to producing a product.


How can you minimize the unknowns?

By being cautiously optimistic, especially financially. Also create a detailed blue print, this will help you to plan ahead and leave room for contingencies.


What advice would you give inspiring entrepreneurs?

Whatever your dream is go for it! Plan ahead and take the leap. Also, do not ever limit yourself and continue to believe in your capabilities. And most importantly, stay consistent!


You can find out more about Adeárá by visiting their website or by visiting their social media pages:





Kabrea Thomas is the CEO/Founder of Fashionably Yours. She is a New York City-based Image & Wardrobe Stylist and Personal Shopping consultant. Her firm provides styling services to professionals who want to add “umph” to their wardrobe so they can stand out and feel confident in what they wear.  

What habits and mindsets helped make you successful?
The habits that I’ve kept me successful is surrounding myself with others who are entrepreneurs- these people are dealing with the same things I go through every day. As an entrepreneur, I read so much on a daily basis. Things that relate to my everyday lifestyle and motivate me on a daily basis. I enjoy watching videos of other well-known entrepreneurs who went through what I did, and show me that I’m reaching closer and closer to my goals every day. Just following this routine every day allows me to appreciate my growing success every day.

How did you distinguish yourself from your competitors?
I believe that my competitors are awesome! And I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting a few of them, what makes me unique is the way I work. My goal is to incorporate a fashion forward, a trendy yet comfortable wardrobe that fits my client’s everyday lifestyle. I believe that being an image consultant is more than just shopping and putting pieces together. It’s about knowing the person you’re styling. What does he/she like and feel comfortable in? I’m all about making my clients stand out and feel confident in what they wear.

What was your biggest mistake?

I wouldn’t say that I’ve made any mistakes, instead, I’d say I’ve made decisions that have helped me learn and grow. Sometimes when you’re starting a business, or even when you have an idea you automatically think boom- you’re going to be a major success. I’ve learned that patience is key to any success.

How do you learn from failure or setbacks?

I’ve been able to learn that it’s okay to take a step back and reevaluate yourself and what you want to do with your business. Life happens, and we all deal with obstacles differently.

What are the most crucial things you have done to grow your business?
The top 3 most crucial things I’ve done to grow my business would be networking. Networking is obviously the number 1 core to growing your business. The more people you know the more chances you are going to talk about your business. And the more who know about it talk more about your business. Secondly patience- success certainly doesn’t happen overnight. It’s all the little things that add up to that big great thing you were working on. And last but not least of course vulnerability. I never believed in this one but it’s true. You have to put yourself out there. Tell people your story. Inspire others along the way is my favorite thing to do.

What three pieces of advice would you offer entrepreneurs starting out today?

When starting out things will be super tough, sometimes you won’t have as much support as you thought and there will ALWAYS be someone out there who will doubt you. But try and surround yourself with others just like you. Put yourself out there. You have an amazing idea/product/service that everyone needs to know about. And always remember you ROCK!!

styling-3Why are fashion and personal styling important?

Fashion and personal styling are important because your appearance is the first thing that gets noticed on a daily basis. Through it all, not many take the time out to put an outfit together, and in most cases that can lead to low self-esteem and even depression. What I do is work from the outside and then work from within. You’re an important person, and when someone sees you they should think that too.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

When I finally made the decision to start my business it was at a very hard time in my life. I didn’t have the support from my parents, but I was able to make changes just from my routine and the way I thought. I knew that my business was worth it, so I made some changes in my life.

What motivates you?
What motivates me is my future. I know that I am capable of so many things. The more I let my mind wonder, the more I think about all these amazing things I can do to change one’s life, feeling and maybe even the world.

What makes you happy?
My business makes me happy, being able to learn and have a spiritual connection with a new friend. Food makes me happy (lol); my close friends and family make me happy. Life in itself makes me happy!

What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?
As a successful entrepreneur, there are many times when I’ve had to put my business first, not too many people will understand why, but when you start a business your main goal is for it to continue growing.

How do you define success?
Success to me is beyond dollars. It is the ability to have your cake and eat it too in my book. Success to me is being able to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted without a financial burden.

How do you live an authentic life?
I’m not sure that I’ve got the hang of it as of yet (lol). I’m actually still trying to balance out having a life and a business as two separate things. Let’s just say it’s something I am working on at the moment.

What does living a Designed Life mean to you?
Living a designed life is freedom! It’s showing others your truth and what you’re capable of. I truly believe that only the strong can truly live a designed life.

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