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Perfection is an Illusion

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Perfection is an illusion and the enemy of progress.

The constant quest to be perfect, to look a certain way, act a certain way, speak a certain way, have all your ducks in a row, has robbed alot of us our dreams.

We have spent unnecessary hours worrying and focusing on the insignificant. Wasting years and resources in the race for perfection. 

I remember three years ago when I had an idea to start a beverage company, I wasted one year trying to design the logo, website, etc. When infact I could bottle the product and start selling. In 2017, I took the plunge, i started testing the market, sampling the product, reformulating my recipe. Shortly thereafter I started making sales and selling hundreds of bottles to stores. 

Often times we focus on perfecting an idea without going out to hear from the customers, to find out what they want and what they care about. You will soon find out that it’s possible to waste years on perfecting a product just to realize that it isn’t viable or necessary. 

The same with our personal lives. In the world of social media and an endless quest for perfection we can lose our voice in the quest to look like someone else. We can lose our authenticity and value, we can work hard on trying to fit in before pursuing our dreams. Just to realize that we’ve wasted years being unproductive. 

Lately, I share my beliefs on videos that I post on my personal Facebook page, its raw, unfiltered, its me. I wasted years hiding, I had to have makeup, it had to be recorded by a professional etc. When infact I could have shared my thoughts without all of the added pressure. As a food Conversationalists I also share my thoughts about culture and food. It took me years to own that aspect of my journey and put myself out there. As a multitalented and multifaceted woman its easy to get distracted by the worlds definition of perfection. 

I had contents and ideas I had been sitting on for years simply because i was  afraid to live out loud, I was afraid of the imperfection of those ideas.

Most times we worry about inconsequential things. We trap ourselves in a bid to make everything perfect.

One thing you must remember is that nothing and no one is perfect, absolutely nothing.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, just like beauty. 

The idea of “if you build it they will come”.. is an illusion that would waste your time.

The idea is for them to come or for you to find them, and then build it. 

The idea isn’t for you to be a size 7 to start recording your journey or thoughts. The idea is to start even as a plus size woman.

The idea isn’t for you to have an European or American accent to seek out public speaking opportunities. The idea is to seek out speaking opportunities just as you are with your voice, intonation, and accent. 

Experience has taught me to no longer waste time on perfectionism but to focus on putting myself out there as my mind directs and not be limited by the illusion of perfection.

Happy New Year



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