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You need this in whatever sector you’re engaged in, even if it’s the secret service.

As an ambivert and being highly misunderstood, intentional people-networking had been a weakness for me. But then again…when you start a business it builds and teaches you so many things.

So I learnt.

1. Power lies with how well you can network with people.

2. Leverage and opportunities lies with the people you network with.

3. Camaraderie, friendships that lasts a lifetime lies with people you network with. Try to make it as healthy as possible.

4. Valued Information and other forms of education lies with the people you network with. Be willing to share with them as well.

5. Never underestimate the power of a contact. Ensure you’re deliberately building blocks of network at every level. That guard is as important and sometimes even a more valuable contact than the MD.

Let’s network with people more. I am trying to do it better too.

P.S: I deliberately avoided the Word: Influence(r)


Linda Dooyum Kpum

CEO 1278 Marketplace



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