A week ago I happened to come across a piece of paper with an organizational structure and map of sort written by my son. He had an outline of his Fortnite Team called Timo. 

Here’s the Timo Team Organizational Structure: 

  • The team- Timo
  • The meaning of the team name: Honoring God
  • Mission: To build the best fortnite players in world.
  • The founder/creator: My Son
  • Leaders 
  • Co-leaders/ co-founders
  • CEO
  • Members (right now 20 members and counting)

He created the team by reaching out to extremely good players. He found his Co-founders by posting in a group and amongst the co-founders he selected a CEO/owner. He then reached out to more people and grew his team to about 20 members. They play together to sharpen their skills. There are about 8 tiers of membership  based on age group and skill level and each member tier has it’s own leader. How cool is that? 

This morning I found out he (my son) is on another team with people of his same skill level. He lets the CEO manage Timo team and daily plays. 

I asked why he isn’t on the team he created? He said he wanted the team to grow with the help of the CEO and leaders and not be the in the way. He also wanted to sharpen his skills and come back to Timo to lead. I was puzzled but I get it. So many times we can become complacent or feel like mini gods when we are in charge or when we start a team. He explained that he made sure he selected better players than himself that can teach him so he gets better. As a mom and a business woman, I honestly never taught him any of these. He somehow learned this on his own. So many times we build businesses and waste resources teaching and training people to do their jobs (nothing wrong with that). 

But looking at my son’s strategy, I’m leaning towards hiring and recruiting people better than me. Meaning, hiring and collaborating with people who can run with my vision and be incredible at their jobs from day one. People who can teach me and people I can learn from. 

I learned a few lessons from this TIMO Team created by my 10 year old son:

  1. Look for people smarter and better than you to build your business, nonprofit, organizations etc. Give them all the tools to thrive and step back as they create magic. My son spends time researching and looking for players who are better than him. Then he allows the CEO manage TIMO Team, micro managing a team isn’t healthy and limits the growth of the business.
  2. Reach out to people to grow your team. You can’t run your business alone, find and build a team with A+ players. Sit and learn from them to grow rapidly. There are people willing to run with your vision if you share it effectively.
  3. Believe in the power of collaboration. Collaboration is a key to expedited success. If you see a team, business,company, person, etc. that is better than you or your business and can add to your growth.. reach out and collaborate. 
  4. Step aside, once you create an effective team; step aside and let them run with your vision. My son spends time on other online teams to better his skills. He streams his games and spends time learning video game editing instead of running TIMO. Just because you created something doesn’t mean you must run it. 
  5. Be confident. My son believes in his ability to play really well. He calls himself the greatest fortnite player alive. Believe in your idea, your dream, and look for others that can help make it happen. 

This is the last week of the year, so as you begin to structure your business and organization, keep Timo Team in mind. Some of it  you may already have implemented but some may be a great addition to your business in 2020.

Happy New Year in Advance. 

Follow my son on http://Instagram.com/ericeddytv and Facebook.com/ericeddietv. You can also subscribe to Timo Fortin (my son) YouTube channel and twitch account. Also they still need young members so maybe you know tweens that can join the team. https://youtu.be/JBRViFyeL6o  and http://twitch.com/timofortin

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Dear Small Business Owner

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Your venture isn’t a one hit wonder, it’s a building process to attain whatever strata you want in your sector.

In 2019 You made good plans, you strategised, the numbers looked good, you up-ed your networking game, you made noise where it mattered to be seen and gain relevance, you made efforts to develope yourself, you improved on your product or service and a lot of other things i might not know about.

There are no small victories. WELL DONE.?

Whether that worked out well or not, 2019 is almost out.
Reassess how you did. Don’t dwell so much on the things that were out of your control. But note the areas you know had inadequate attention, poor planning and bad decisions.

Now you gotta double that effort you gave in 2019. If you had a target to reach 10K people this year, double that in 2020. If you had set a goal to network with at least 10 different groups or people, double that.

Talk is cheap. Once you strategise and set those goals, hit the ground running in 2020.

I Believe in Prayer a lot. You should too every step of the way.

We will all Succeed.

Linda Dooyum Kpum

CEO 1278 Marketplace




People Networking

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You need this in whatever sector you’re engaged in, even if it’s the secret service.

As an ambivert and being highly misunderstood, intentional people-networking had been a weakness for me. But then again…when you start a business it builds and teaches you so many things.

So I learnt.

1. Power lies with how well you can network with people.

2. Leverage and opportunities lies with the people you network with.

3. Camaraderie, friendships that lasts a lifetime lies with people you network with. Try to make it as healthy as possible.

4. Valued Information and other forms of education lies with the people you network with. Be willing to share with them as well.

5. Never underestimate the power of a contact. Ensure you’re deliberately building blocks of network at every level. That guard is as important and sometimes even a more valuable contact than the MD.

Let’s network with people more. I am trying to do it better too.

P.S: I deliberately avoided the Word: Influence(r)


Linda Dooyum Kpum

CEO 1278 Marketplace




I grew up like most people making and breaking new year resolutions. Usually, they are made on a whim, they are made as a promise to stop a bad habit, start something new, etc.
My list for over 20 years were pretty much the same:
Lose weight
Make more money
Pray more, etc.

That was basically it, every year until about 12 years ago. I stopped making resolutions and started setting GOALS.
There’s a big difference! Resolutions almost never work, why? They aren’t followed up with a set of plans. Goals are different. They are usually followed up with details and steps on accomplishing that goal.
Goals are attainable, they are realistic (for the most part), they are concrete, and most importantly they work.
For the past 12 years I dedicate the last couple of days of the year to plan out and set my goals for the new year.
This is done with the family. We write down our goals for the family, individual goals, the goals for the children, spiritual goals, and financial goals/career goals/ business goals.
We talk about what worked, what didn’t work, and how we can fix it. We discuss successes, failures, wins, growth, areas of concern, issues, conflicts, etc.
The last thing we do is pray. No goal, or plan for a new year is complete without prayer. Also no goal or plan for a new year is complete without creating a step by step guide on how to achieve them.
So this year, do not make resolutions, instead set goals. You can set monthly goals, quarterly goals, and yearly goals. Write it down, get accountability partners, work on it, and most importantly celebrate the new year with an open mind.
Happy new year in advance!


Be Authentic: Wear Your Crown

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Zozibini Tunzi won the heart of the world when she was crowned Miss Universe. She became the first black woman to win the pageant since 2011. We love her simplicity and style; she did it with her beautiful hue and natural afro-textured hair. But we are celebrating more than her win or hue. This is more than her hue, or hair; it speaks to the acceptance of oneself and living free from any form of societal judgments. Accepting who you are no matter how different you look is key to being happy. Authenticity is about being yourself, and not hiding behind a mask because people can usually spot a phony and fake.

Most people can relate to Zozibini because her authenticity exudes conviction and confidence and staying true to who she is, teaches young girls that they don’t have to be someone else to be accepted. We all can learn a thing or two from watching women like her live unapologetically. In the coming year, take sometime to evaluate your life and live authentically. Living for the Gram or approval of Facebookers, won’t get you far, faking a life that isn’t yours won’t make you happy in the long run.

Be confident and happy about your journey, change the things that make you unhappy, accept those things you can’t change, be truthful about your place in this life and live that TRUTH. Be Authentic! Be Real! But most importantly accept who you are and wear your crown proudly.

Miss Universe: Zozibini Tunzi








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Finding Purpose

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For years I wondered what my purpose was. As a multitalented individual I often found myself constantly changing and evolving. I have several streams of income and numerous passions. But for years, I wasn’t exactly sure which one gave me the most joy until I turned 40.

As this year comes to an end and a new decade begins, I am thankful for all the opportunities life as availed me.

I had spent my 20s and 30s trying to figure out my place in this world, trying to measure up to a certain standard. I spent my entire 30s trying to find my purpose. It dawned on me this year once I turned 40, that my purpose is to help other people find their purpose. My purpose is to guard, guide, and lead others to their place of purpose, their destiny, and their calling..

This next decade is for me to live out loud, to walk in that purpose, to sing and dance to every tune the universe plays. To lead, to give, to express myself through my art and creativity.

This next decade will be to live fully for God, family, and myself, to speak my truth, to share of myself, to give unselfishly, to love, to explore, and to grow.

Nothing beats knowing who you are, and walking in it unapologetically. In the coming year, LIVE OUT LOUD; explore your passions, dance to your music, and find your purpose.

Monthly Pick

New Start

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It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the constant reminders of tasks left undone, dreams going stale, and hope deferred.  I took some time off Designed Life to rebuild some buried dreams and to reevaluate what my 2019 would be mostly about. As a multi-talented woman, it is often difficult to focus on a task and to the outside world, it seems you are doing too much. Over the years, I have seen how my dreams align and how they are all in sync with one another. My goal for the coming year is to combine them beautifully in a way that celebrates each one of my gifts.

Designed life blog was stalled to give me time to refocus and decide if its something I’d like to continue with. Just like some of my creative dreams, designed life is one that needs to be reawakened. Designed Life will focus on inspiration, business, travel, parenting, relationship, food, decor, design, art, spirituality, and purpose; everything that pretty much sums up my life. This year has been super interesting and promises to be even more EPIC and I’d like to share those journeys with my DL readers. I need a space that gives me the opportunity to speak on issues I am passionate about and explore all my interest beautifully. Designed Life is that perfect platform and I miss it dearly. So here’s to NEW START.

Let’s GO!


Can You Stay Home?

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One of the first things you have to figure out when you realize that you want to stay home with your kids is whether or not you can afford to do so. You are probably used to living on two incomes, so making the switch to a single income may not be easy. However, it may not be as hard as you think.
If you have children already, the first thing that goes away when you decide to stay at home is the cost of daycare. However, if you work at home, part of that cost may remain, unless your work is such that you can keep the children home with you. Take a look at how much of your income right now is going to daycare. That cost alone may prove to you that you don’t need a high-paying work at home job to stay home – a simpler one may suffice.
There are several other costs that will drop if you stay at home. You’ll be in a different tax bracket. You’ll probably drive less, eat out less often and you won’t need clothes for work, which can save both on shopping and on dry cleaning bills.
When you’re figuring out how much it costs you to work outside the home, don’t assume that becoming a stay at home or work at home parent will cause you to stop eating out. You will have those days where you decide to take the kids out, more likely than not.
One thing many parents forget to think about when they decide to stay at home is to handle retirement planning. Now, if you’re just staying home for a year or two, it’s probably not a big deal, but if you plan on staying home for many years, this can be a huge impact on you when you do retire. You may not have the finances to fund your retirement account well when your family is living on only one income, but you should try to do at least a little. See my article on retirement planning for stay at home parents for more information.
Use this information to figure out what you will need to earn while staying at home. Some will be fine as a single income family, but others will need the stay at home parent to earn some kind of income. Ideally, this will be a relatively small amount, as the whole point of having a stay at home parent is to have more time with the kids and benefit them, not maintain a freely spending lifestyle. However, if a single income isn’t enough, a work at home job or home business will likely become necessary.
Figure out how much income will be necessary and how much risk you are willing to take. Work at home jobs are harder to come by, but home businesses are by their nature riskier, and it may take a few years to earn an adequate income from a business. Plan accordingly, and know that you might not be able to live your preferred lifestyle right away.
Fortunately, by the time you take out the costs of working outside the home, you will likely find you don’t need to earn what you used to. Half or even less of your previous income may be quite adequate. It may require sacrifice, but that’s what being a parent is about.

Author Bio
Stephanie Foster is the owner of Home with the Kids, a resource for stay at home parents.


Trust is an essential part of a relationship, it is an important part of any business partnership, it is also a fundamental tenet in religion. Trust means you aren’t afraid to believe in something or someone. Are you someone that can be trusted? Do you find it hard or easy to trust? In today’s society, its so hard to find people to trust. But do you trust the process of your journey, your life? It is critical to trust in the process of your journey not just in people. Trust is believing that all the good and bad of your existence will end in praise. It’s believing that your child would turn out ok, it is trusting that your marriage would beat the odds and survive, it’s believing that you are sustained by God and you draw from His wall of grace, it’s trusting that the doctors results are not the final report, it is also trusting that your deep desires and dreams would come true and that your business would not fail.

Trust is much like faith and it requires actively letting go and letting your heart accept and trust the process of whatever life throws at you. The beautiful part of it is that you can truly rest in your trust of the divine…. ” Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (sickness, divorce, poverty, need, broken heart, failed business, lost job, family problems, terminal illness) I will fear no evil: for thou (God) art with me; thy rod (protection) and thy staff (trust) they comfort me. Psalm 23:4
He protects us with His rod and we can trust the leading of His staff. Do you feel like crying out, “baa, baa, baa?” He is listening!

You can simply rest like a newborn without a care in the world, knowing that you are in good hands.



This easy kofta pita sandwich is robust and full of Greek flavors. I used Grass fed flavor-packed ground lamb on top of Greek pita with Vivys Baobab sauce, fresh veggies, and a little poppy seed dressing. This is a quick meal for days you want to impress without the stress. This is what you need:

1 lb ground lamb or beef

1 egg
2 tbsp plain coconut flour
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp salt
2 tsp turmeric
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp red pepper flakes, or more
1 tsp paprika

Greek pita or flatbread
Add your Greens ( I used spinach, baby kale)
Fresh Cilantro as needed
3 Sliced tomatoes
1 English cucumber, sliced into rounds
1 onion, sliced as preferred
1 tsp red pepper flakes or more

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
In a large mixing bowl, combine the lamb, egg, coconut flour, and garlic with the salt and other spices. Kneed together and form the lamb mix into small balls. Place at least 1 inch apart in a baking pan.
Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until brown and well cooked.
Prepare the Greek pita bread, add your vegetables layer by layer, Baobab sauce or hummus, and the rest of the fixings. Add your kofta lamb balls 3 to 4 balls works great and then sprinkle more paprika or pepper.
Finish off with more hummus or Baobab sauce.