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One Size Does Not Fit All

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I came across 3 random post on Facebook: one was about how she conquered the fear of failure within 2years, another about how creating vision boards in the last 30 years has helped him achieve success and lastly, a comic version of how a Year-end review gives you clarity and champions your success in the Year-in-view.

They had different paths and strategies to arrive at the same destination at seperate times.

We have seperate backgrounds, circumstances and experiences. Weigh yours, apply critical thinking and take a shot at what you have strategised.

Below you’ll find a simple but very useful questionnaire as a guide into the next decade. I borrowed a bit of some questions from the comic version of what I had read and added 6 more to help my unique path. You can add more to suit yours too.

  1. What do you want and Why?
  2. What do you have?
  3. What can you do with what you have?
  4. What are the odds against you?
  5. What are you most proud of this year?
  6. What do you mostly regret this year?
  7. What’s the most important lesson you learnt this year?
  8. What do you need to let go of?
  9. What do you need to do more of?
  10. When will you start?

Get a notepad and let’s do this together if you want. I will share my results in March after my holidays.?



Linda Dooyum Kpum

CEO 1278 Marketplace



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