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Obesity is Not always a Choice, Little Known Facts about your weight.

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” fatty, blown-up ball, round drum…”
The words kept echoing in Kate’s head as she rode the bus home. Tears stung her eyes. It was her second week in the new school and the taunting had already begun. Her parents had changed her school every time the taunting had gotten serious.
“Excuse me”
Kate looked up at the tall, slim blonde talking to her and wondered why she could not be like her.
“Excuse me, you are occupying extra space. Do you mind shifting just a little so I can sit?”

Despite the politeness, the tears still came. Kate could not understand where she was supposed to shift her 80kg body.
Back at home, Kate took note of the extra wide doors, large sofas, king sized beds and realized they were not there just because her family was rich but also because all of them in her family were either overweight or obese. Her mood worsened when her mom greeted her as, “chubby little angel”.
This is the same story for the 43million obese children worldwide as at 2010. The number should have increased much more seven years later. These ones suffer from obesity, a term now officially a disease.

The cause of obesity is multifactorial;

1. Genetics
2. Environment
3. Developmental processes

Genetics is probably one that most people can’t escape from. This is why most children of obese parents also become obese. Although, it is not always the case as some children actually escape the obesity gene and with efforts on their environment, they retain a fit stature. Meanwhile, some others get obese outside any genetic influence. This is acquired obesity, which could be physiologic or pathologic. That is, it could be because of some environmental factors (diet, physical activity, lifestyle) or some ongoing disease. Developmental processes include formula feeding during infancy and this is because of the high protein content of formula feeds,

Developmental processes include formula feeding during infancy and this is because of the high protein content of formula feeds, a diet rich in fat and fast sugars and sedentary lifestyle. These factors are often within your control and can be dealt with. Conscious effort to be mindful of your diet and taking out time to exercise daily are good preventive measures against obesity. They are also the first steps to take for those who are already obese.

Diseases that could induce obesity include certain syndromes (e.g Downs syndrome), tumors in the brain, endocrine problems (e.g Cushing’s disease) and use of some drugs (e.g insulin). With treatment/management of these diseases, there is often a reversal of weight.
There is no need to be anorexic or extremely thin such that the wind would blow you off. But, shedding excess fat would do a lot of good physically, psychologically and socially.

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Eunice Oladeji

Eunice Oladeji

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