Let Your Mind Be Powerful

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Nothing is as important as surrounding yourself with thinkers. They expand your mind and propel you to use your brain with so much depth and passion. I don’t understand how to live otherwise.

I envision myself retiring in my 80s and spending my days giving talks, writing, and traveling so I can learn more.

I have no desire to acquire things. I want to immerse myself in a wealth of knowledge. I don’t talk latest fashion, or cars, or whatever people talk about. Although I have nothing against those who do.

Let your mind be powerful. Have depth. Think. Use some percentage of your brain on acquiring knowledge. Don’t just exist. There’s more to who you are than your imposed gender roles, and whatever else you waste time on.

Life has so much to offer. There’s so much knowledge out there, go find it. Read at least once a day. Learn something new each day. Take a few minutes to think (not worry) think.
Have at least one friend who has “Depth”. If you don’t already, this is the year to find one.



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