Is it Really Possible to Learn any Skill from Books?

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Books are the best schools to attend, this school is flexible. It is where the teachers abide by your rules and your success is self-defined.

I have loved music for as long as I can remember, I encountered the hurdle of limited resources and the high cost attached to learning any skill. I love music and it turned out that I could easily understand the basic principles but to get the kind of skills I desired it was obviously going to cost me a lot, this did not stop me. I was about 13 years when I first fell in love with sounds,  I wanted to make the kind of music I heard. So I started asking questions,  despite my secondary school did not teach music. I left for another secondary school and missed out on the new programme that was introduced in my previous school. I was not giving up,  I remember stealing a “rudimentary music” book from my great uncle’s place which I later returned years after.


I played the “recorder” on my own for a few years and that was the first musical instrument I conquered,  I spent a lot of time browsing lessons online and learnt the seven basic notes of music and started trying out songs I knew in my head till the sounds started making some sense. Fast forward to May 2013,  I had saved up for months to get my saxophone. I felt so cheated that while everyone around me seemed to be getting their own money for something petty,  I had to spend my savings on a saxophone. This did not stop me from buying it and I started playing it that same day.


I am self-taught when it comes to music and I play the saxophone pretty well but I had help along the way. I believe there is always a way to acquire knowledge even when the right resources, teachers or mentors are not available. Here are a few things I will advice in case you want to learn a skill so much and you are not getting the help you need:

1.  Never ever think of giving up.
2. You will hurt a lot,  you will sacrifice much but you will win.
3. Try out the little you know and practice consistently.
4.  Practice over and over again.
5. Make friends of common interest.
6. Enjoy yourself.

I read a story recently of a boy somewhere in Africa who built a windmill from borrowing library books and this is how electricity came to his village.

Education to me is not about the four walls of a school,  education is there in a corner,  with burning candles,  a passionate heart and desire for something outstanding.


Jonathan Oladeji

Jonathan Oladeji

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