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I Am Fine Thank You.

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I’m fine thank you! ???

That’s the usual response we give as humans when asked “how are you?”
That’s the response we give even when things are falling apart. We smile and play the part even when we want to scream or cry.

There have been days when things weren’t going my way. When I was worried or sad about certain things but I had to play a role of a SuperWoman. Today I’m reminded that:


Nobody is without pain and no one is immune to sadness. We all have moments of uncertainties, doubt, brokenness, disappointments.. It could your job, business, marriage, finances, health, relationships, legal.. No one has it good all the time.

These days I am more real with my life’s journey and share with those closest to me when I have my moments of pain. Its okay to let others know that your life isn’t perfect because their lives isn’t as well.

Seek help, ask for prayers, get advice, encouragement, counseling…etc. Its okay to admit when things are falling apart because most of the time they are falling into place. You are not alone! You are not fine but you will be soon. Do not be ashamed of your pain, allow it to be a fuel to push you higher. I’m rooting for you!



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