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Finding Purpose

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For years I wondered what my purpose was. As a multitalented individual I often found myself constantly changing and evolving. I have several streams of income and numerous passions. But for years, I wasn’t exactly sure which one gave me the most joy until I turned 40.

As this year comes to an end and a new decade begins, I am thankful for all the opportunities life as availed me.

I had spent my 20s and 30s trying to figure out my place in this world, trying to measure up to a certain standard. I spent my entire 30s trying to find my purpose. It dawned on me this year once I turned 40, that my purpose is to help other people find their purpose. My purpose is to guard, guide, and lead others to their place of purpose, their destiny, and their calling..

This next decade is for me to live out loud, to walk in that purpose, to sing and dance to every tune the universe plays. To lead, to give, to express myself through my art and creativity.

This next decade will be to live fully for God, family, and myself, to speak my truth, to share of myself, to give unselfishly, to love, to explore, and to grow.

Nothing beats knowing who you are, and walking in it unapologetically. In the coming year, LIVE OUT LOUD; explore your passions, dance to your music, and find your purpose.



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  1. designedlife

    Love it. Thank you.

    December . 12 . 19

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