DL Networking Alliance

Designed Life Networking Alliance provides a supportive environment for women to network, inspire, learn, and grow. We believe women should be able to design the life they aspire to and Designed Life gives them that and more.  

Meetings are held monthly; we strategically pick the women that are part of our networking group. Dues are $200 per year and business membership is $399 per year.

We promote our members business, events, and achievements. We provide an opportunity for women to inspire one another, collaborate, and learn how to overcome challenges and find encouragement. Our brand match program helps members connect with and find member businesses to work with to build their brands, we provide an avenue for collaboration via our online portal and during each networking meetings.



  • Brand Match
  • 40 DID: 40 Days, 40 Ideas, 40 Doers
  • Women 2 Women Speak
  • Bloom
  • 21 Days Fearless
  • Start, Brand, and Build your Idea