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Why are you here? To Say Yes to Life?

Sometimes life gives you that hard knock and you think you will never stand up from this one, you think it’s the actual end, you have probably contemplated suicide, and pills are starting to lose their effects on you. This is exactly the same thing your doctor will tell you “Saye yes to Life,” one more time but this time we are here to help you along this journey to life.  Some years ago Vivian (Your Coach) embarked on a 21-days FEARLESS journey to find herself, and to take a journey. This 21-day journey was meant to help Vivian release her mind from every FEAR that held her back for years. The first few things I would want you to always remember in this coaching or course is that fear makes it totally impossible for you to get help, you cannot make that change while you entertain fear. You have probably been through some of the 21-days of Faith challenge before getting to this point, you should check the challenge and try it if you missed out on that, It’s free. 

This journey unbeknownst to others was a defining moment for Vivian to take her PURPOSE seriously and be INTENTIONAL about pursuing a life of love and deep satisfaction. Your life is worth more than whatever challenges you have gone through.  It is this decision to pursue a purpose that birthed the “Say Yes to Life” course which is run by the Designed life Academy.

What will You Get out of this?

The Say Yes to Life course is a 40-day program within the Designed life Curriculum that will teach you Life Skills to Thrive again. Vivian has had years of practice and had a chance to build back from traumatic situations, health problems and to successfully running her own businesses and even coaching others to do the same. You will work through these simple but effective techniques, these principles have been personally tested and proven over years of fear, failure, health challenges and personal battles. The program involves a weekly one on one phone call or Skype meeting, to-do list, resource sharing to radically change your life. The Monetize Everything Course will show you how to stop wasting your gifts and talents and start monetizing them in a cohesive manner.

The Say Yes to Life Course is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Overcome depression or suicidal thoughts.
  • Find hope again.
  • Regain emotional stability.
  • Join a support group or community.
  • Be happy again.
  • Have an accountability partner while taking intentional steps to happier lifestyles.
  • Be loved at your work place and at home.
  • Have flexible coaching sessions that will not eat deep into your pocket.
  • Feel more confident and motivated to live your dreams
  • Be motivated and inspired to live your passions

Why should you enroll With Design Life Academy?

Your Coach is the Best! Vivian is the Executive Innovator and Co-owner of Eleviv Strategy Group a holding company for three other companies, Eleviv Publishing Group, Eleviv Textile, and Eleviv & Elessy. Vivian Elebiyo’s purpose is to inspire people to live a fulfilling life. She is the Founder and President of Women 2 Women Speaks, and EMPOWERED by Vivian Speak this organization helps others discover purpose and to help build self-esteem through entrepreneurship, spirituality, community service, leadership, and personal enrichment. Vivian has an extensive experience with starting businesses from scratch and turning them into profitable ventures.

Some of the MILESTONE Vivian  achieved since she started being INTENTIONAL about her dreams include:

  • Inventing a “HEALTH COMPANION” for pregnant women around the world to help reduce the mortality rate.
  • She won BUSINESS PLAN PITCHES to fund her business prospects.
  • She has been listed in online and international magazines for her exceptional work
  • Launched and started her own business, Eleviv, Vivys, and “Designed Life”
  • She Incorporated and became CEO of Eleviv Strategy Group.
  • She has Published over 10 books.

At the end of this course, you would be able to achieve much more with your life. This is your opportunity to choose life and make your existence a happier experience. Vivian thinks it is possible to have your good life back and you can do it with these proven steps she will be teaching you.

Vivian is a powerful and engaging speaker and has spoken at numerous events including Praire View University, TBN, Department of Health Florida, InnovateHER, HCC, Churches, Schools, several radio stations, and events around the world. Vivian and her team at Designed Life are focused on transforming lives and businesses around the world through Designed Life Academy and the Idea Club, an incubator for those ready to take on the world. She has appeared in top media outlets like Bloomberg, Business Wire, Inc. Magazine, Impact Africa, Staars of Africa, Phenomenal African Woman Blog, Empowered Magazine, LadyBrielle, Sormag, Mimi Magazine, HCC Biz Connect, and more.

the Designed life Academy is just the right place to help you get started on your happiness goals, in no time we would be talking about a healthier relationship with yourself and others. This is a welcome note and a hug to you as we welcome you to your new family and a life altering process. Please fill out the form attached to this note so we can immediately get you started on your 40-day trip to Say Yes to Life. Just in case you are interested in the other two modules of the 40 days 40 dreams challenge, Click here.

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash