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One day all of humanity will die, but should we also die while we live? This is the question Americans have debated over the previous weeks. The Charlottesville protest has unearthed too much bile and acrimony for comfort. It may seem that on of the greatest world economies is sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

White Supremacy

The events surrounding attacks on anti-semitism and anti white supremacy protesters have been ugly. It has left not less than three person dead and a lot more injured. The concern has not been much about the unfortunate incidence but the indecisive stance of the Trump administration. It’s been reported that a number of states have also joined Charlottesville in the move to bring down confederate statues. This decision has been motivated by the Charlottesville attack but will they not spiral into more of such clashes? German Lopex reports that “White supremacists went to Charlottesville to protest. The city planned to tear down confederate monuments, particularly a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The confederate statues have allegedly represented America’s history of black slavery and white supremacy. The move to pull them down was definitely going to strike some wrong cords. The American population may have been in denial of racism before now but this changes everything. It’s as glaring as day that there is still that toxic energy driven by difference in skin coloration.

Brene Brown on Charlottesville

This events have also seen a lot of thought leaders doing their best to lend a voice to humanity. Despite the disappointing response from President Trump, we can still have some joy after listening to someone like Brene Brown. The researcher and writer, has gone to great lengths to provide a video lecture on how to build a wholesome attitude in times like this. I would love to share some of the points she laid out briefly. Brene Brown says “own your story and don’t let your story own you.” I put that in simpler terms, stop living in denial. There is a need to empathize, connect and correct the effects of this historical mess.

It is easier said than done, and denial is natural human instinct. Most of us hide away from issues we secretly know are true. In Brene’s lecture I was able to pick out three major tools that everyone in Charlottesville should employ and they are as discussed.

3 tools for the White: own your story

  1. Privilege: These events require us to start to understand that privilege exists and it is those unearned rights that we have as residents or citizens of any society. Those things that you have access to without a fight or struggle, they are privileges and could be a result of your skin.
  2. Perspective taking: Brene Brown explains the need to accept people’s world view without questioning it’s authenticity. She says that we must see that that other person’s experience is just as real as ours and we don’t need to turn around and reject whatever experiences people claim to have due to their gender, race or social class.
  3. Power: this is the most important part of all our life experiences. We must open our hearts to seeing the destructive effect of powerlessness and how this could erupt into violence, depression and hate.

Brene Brown calls them the three (3) P’s. This is a message that needs to be strongly emphasized as part of awareness, if America will heal from these events and move forward. These conversations have continued to spiral into even more dissent and hate because there is little or no resolution. I hope this message shared on this platform would be our own drop of water in the ocean that will douse this raging flames. We also sympathize with the families of the dead and injured and hope that they find comfort in these difficult times.

We need to keep talking about Charlottesville.

Posted by Brené Brown on Tuesday, August 15, 2017


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