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Launch Already

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When in the process of creating a new business. Do not be held back by the need for perfection.
Sometimes we get trapped by the need to make everything just perfect before placing our products and services in front of the consumer.
I’m guilty of this as well! Pushing your Launch months ahead to get your system or product just right, can cause a delay and ultimately be the death of your business.

In product development, there is something we term MVP which is your Minimum Viable Product…
Putting out your MVP is less expensive, reduces your risks in case the product fails, and cuts down on time.
I understand the need to get your Branding just right, your website fully optimized, and your packaging just perfect. However, don’t waste time worrying about those things. Start your business and build up as it grows.


The Reality of Dreams

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Sometimes pursuing your goals can be exhaustive. I had spent hours planning a photo shoot for my new product, only to be let down by the colors of my labels, the lighting, and the sunlight. I was disappointed and got very emotional.

Dreams are sometimes like that, they are never as expected. We plan things out perfectly in our heads but reality gives us a check and we must adjust accordingly. There are several ways to combat the funk that comes up when things don’t work out as planned.

#1: Let it flow

Sometimes what we focus so much on perfecting isn’t always necessary. In the case of my photoshoot, I focused on the positives, adjusted a few things and went along with the process.

#2: Don’t get funky:

It’s easy to get upset, discouraged, and downright funky because you didn’t have your way. You have to keep one thing in mind (nothing good comes easy). Always remember that when next you hit a block on your way to greatness. In my case, I focused only on the positive and put a spin on the photo shoot.

The truth is your dreams have a life of their own. They may not always take the intended course but be rest assured that they will come true.


Daniel has been trying to build a team for his startup business idea and he is frustrated. He has no money to pay team members, he needs volunteers. Daniel calls his team members up and sends a lot of messages concerning the goals of the business but it has been much of a struggle. No one is ready to break a sweat on the matter. Daniel wonders about his business model, he starts attending a lot of seminars. He loses his peace and feels frustrated every time because his team members just seem laid back and too busy with their own goals.

Daniel’s Startup Rehab:

1. The Fuel:

your team runs on the steam you generate, motivation fails when you are not passionate. So maybe there is a need to change your business idea or get more passionate about it. If your team members are at 30 km/h, you should be at 100 km/h.

2. Pick Right:

The goals of some team member would not fit into yours, decide quickly when you need to cut some people off the team. It’s better to have no team than to carry dead weight. You may be friends but it does not mean their passion or goals would be fulfilled while they work on your team.

3. Help Out:

Your team is probably a volunteer, you need to be constantly aware of their needs. If you do not care about them, why do you think they should care about your business? Even in paid positions, you can maximize the performance of staff by checking up on them frequently.

I have applied these ideas to writing teams, I wake up every day thinking about how to help my team members achieve their goals. I put in extra effort when team members are not available, and I stay focused on the big picture. we may find it hard to run alone most times but it also helps us as leaders to understand how far we can stretch without help. This is a good time to test our limits and push boundaries. Yet like David in the Bible, when there is progress even those who seem laid back should be acknowledged.

We must understand that there may be nothing wrong with the idea, it may just be our lack of commitment as leaders that makes team members lose faith. Leaders should be ready to run alone but we also need to carry everyone along.