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Am I cursed? That’s one question I’d ask myself for years. I would spend days pondering why I have too many talents, how to shrink my abilities so others don’t feel threatened, or how to manage all of them. It was daunting. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that there are tribes of men and women just like me. A tribe of multitalented, multifaceted, unboxable people. They are idea generators, they are inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and so much more. They can sing, write, draw, create things, build things, etc.

The good news is you and I are not cursed. We are part of a tribe of amazing people who are blessed to view the world through different lenses, to explore the world in undescribable ways. But because the world isn’t friendly to people like us, we have got to understand how to manage all of the “amazingness” that we are blessed with.

So how do you manage your talents? 

One thing I found helpful over the years was the ability to prioritize my day. Creating a list of things to do, from the most important to the least important. I do the same, with my talents. For years I’d try doing everything at the same time and get overwhelmed or overlooked. Often times people overlook or look down on people who are multitalented, they are often referred to as “unserious”, “unfocused”, and usually not taken seriously.

A multitalented person is constantly battling with how to show up in life. There is often an inner battle on who to show up as. I was once invited to speak on a panel based on my work as an author, I got so excited I started talking about every other thing I do. It is hard to just be “one thing”. You and I can’t just be “one thing”. Think back to the last time you tried…, it usually never works.

So managing your talents requires strategic thoughts and actions. Deciding which talent to focus on quarterly, yearly, etc. So maybe you focus on one for a while, then add to it, and so on. One thing I found helpful was the ability to “marry” my talents. I wrote down everything I’m good at and made a link. I love writing, I love issues relating to women, business, relationships, sex, etc. So I created a niche to only write on issues I’m passionate about, I turned my love for writing and helping others find their voices into a business by starting a publishing company, Eleviv Publishing Group. I married my love for design, art, and fashion into creating textile designs, branding for my company,  and creating art work for projects. I can go on and on about marrying my talents and linking them but the truth is you can definitely do that seamlessly.

I am learning as I grow into a better version of me but through prioritizing and marrying my talents I’ve been able to have a clear picture of my purpose and how they are somehow linked to who I’ve been called to be. You are part of an amazing tribe, look for others like you, marry your talents, and never shrink. Sometimes you just have to look closely!

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Creativity is what sets you apart from your competitors. Competition may kill your business, but if you are creative enough you won’t ever have to fear competition. Fortunes are often born in creative minds. A simple idea can turn into a never-ending cash flow. If you innovate, there are no limits or boundaries for you. The sky is the limit.

So, it can be said that one of the most important factors a company may have is the ability to come up with fresh ideas, new concepts, sophisticated marketing techniques. People like new things. Everyone wants to create something new. People struggle to be different in today’s marketplace.

If you do a simple research you will find out that creativity is one of the things that make people become rich. Often, the more you create the more money you make. This requires effort and dedication. To see the opportunity where no one else see it.

I firmly believe that fortunes can be made. You simply have to define a problem and find a solution. Then capitalize on that solution. Problems are everywhere and the bigger the problem that you find the solution to, the bigger the chance you will make a lot of money from your idea.

You can create anything. It can be an invention, an e-book with information, art, a scientific breakthrough, etc. Just find a need and try to fill it. I guess you have heard that many times already, but it is true. The easiest way to make money is to help other people make money or help them solve their problems and receive some compensation from your efforts.

Isn’t that what capitalism is all about? To allow people to become rich by enriching other people’s lives? You don’t need to chase money nor go after wealth. When you add value to the life of others you usually receive compensation for it. The best way to add value is to come up with a creative solution that no one thought about before.

This is not always easy. Sometimes the ideas will come fast and smoothly. Other times you will have to think hard about the solution. Keep in mind that the harder the problem and the better the solution, the more money you can make from it.

At the end making money may not be that hard for you. Once you get used to it you can do it often. The business of innovation has always being one of the most profitable businesses you can participate on. Creativity is something that come from the inside. It originates within your mind. This is certainly one of the most important factors that an entrepreneur should take into consideration. It can make a huge difference in your businesses. Remember that there is no limit to what you can create. So, you can make a lot of money by just adding value to the life of others and finding solutions to complex problems that you can find everywhere.

The decision is yours. Most people work hard all their lives because they try to imitate what others do all the time. Work on those creative skills and improve them. You will be glad you did.

It doesn’t take a genius to create something new. You don’t have to be too smart. Sometimes the ideas originate from your intentions or they just come to you. Probably you already have thoughts about how to improve something or create something new that does not exist yet. You just have to polish that idea and give it a try. You may be amazed at the results.

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The “Houston Money Week is more than innovative,” and it serves community. The organizers packed the 2017 calender with exciting sessions, free financial literacy services and student opportunities. The HMW is a collaborative effort of the Houston Money Week Charity,  Houston area businesses and over 50 partners.

“In this citywide effort, more than 150 free public events were held at libraries, churches, schools and community centers throughout Greater Houston, offering consumers the opportunity to increase their financial literacy and learn to better manage their personal finances. Workshops, seminars and other activities targeted diverse audiences, including women, seniors, youths and workers without bank accounts.” – ePerspectives

Financial education and literacy –

The gaping void of financial literacy tells on community living and health. Neighbors with stable economic situations are more likely to sustain healthy relations. 

“Houston Money Week (HMW) is a community-wide financial education initiative that empowers families and individuals to be successful in making financial choices. HMW serves individuals, families, veterans and small business owners across the greater Houston area, offering free financial education events and raising awareness of community resources.” – HMW 

To achieve sustainable financial inclusion resources and training are provided to members of the greater Houston area. The training facilitators are train participants to achieve above poverty level financial capacity.

Diverse audiences –

The programs and events are all-inclusive. Irrespective of age, gender, career, educational background, you fit right in. Student communities also participate fully in this city-wide effort. The Houston Money Week Middle School and High School Student Essay Contest are huge incentives for the young community members. Other Educational partners are the Sam Houston State University and East Side University. 

Business owners and Families get to participate too. Workshops, seminars, and special events cover all facets of personal finance on such topics as establishing a budget, credit reports and credit score awareness, and understanding net worth and investing. The events are designed to suit people from various backgrounds, income level and financial intelligence.

Partnership and Collaboration –

With over 50 partners, individuals and businesses get opportunities to network with financial experts on business ventures. You can be sure to get enough support and advisory services that would set your small business on the path to growth.

Niedria D. Kenny says that “Participants will be given vital information on topics such as creating or updating business plans; human resources; marketing; access to capital and much more. They will also have opportunities to connect with other business owners, mentors, financial advisors and industry experts.” 

Tackling Poverty –

Research conducted by HMW shows that about 25.7% members of the greater Houston community lack the net worth to stay consistently above poverty level for 3 months. These are alarming figures and tackling poverty is collective responsibility. As a part of the HMW, participants with long history of debts and cash-trap get help to become stable and financially healthy again.

FREE Assessments –

Facilitators provide free tax preparation, financial advice and vocational trainings and lots more. It’s practically a whole box set of equipments at no cost to you.

Houston Money Week is one indicator that there is increasing awareness about the need for financial health services and training. You may have missed the April 2017 edition of the HMW but there are many more opportunities to participate in the coming year. You can visit the Houston Money Week website for details.

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Americans usually don’t need to be prodded to spend. Over the last 30 years, Americans have maintained a spending rate far above other industrialized nations. In 2007, consumer spending peaked at slightly above 70 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while it only amounted to 55 percent of the GDP in Germany and Japan [source: Brockman]. – DAVE ROOS

Spending is not much of a problem for some while saving comes naturally to others. The main issue we have is how to decide which decision is best for us at a moment in time. The “Spend or Save Riddle” is commonly a source of headache. It becomes difficult to find the satisfaction we expected from our financial decisions. A lot of us wait for lucky money all our lives, but when it finally happens we don’t know what to do with it. How do you handle those moments when you happen on some profit and there is extra cash in the till?

Are you a Spender or Saver?

“Investment” is the constant buzz words, eventually we all want to be proud owners of investment. The problem is usually that time before we know what to invest in.  Imagine you finally make some huge sales, or your boss doles out bonuses or your long lost Uncle sends in some cash. Do you spend it immediately on your prime activity, or do you hoard it in hopes that you will make a wise investment someday?

It’s easier to be an impulsive when deciding whether to spend of save. Both are driven dependent on each person’s propensity, spending habits  or fear. The fear of missing out on every new thing and availability of credit pushes the unprepared spender to go way above his credit and end up in debt. If you are in the habit of upgrading on particular brand products, spending at a whim may come easily to you.  While the fear of not being able to keep up with economic demands, nudges some of us to extreme hoarding.

Both extremes could be totally unproductive and limiting. They affect your capacity to take financially sound decisions. Hoarding funds with a motive to save makes you feel guilty even when spending on your needs.  It’s important to understand the difference between frivolous spending and necessary spending.

How to Achieve a Balance?

Here are some interesting suggestions. You can actually determine when to spend and when to save by following these simple rules:

  1. Spenders: wait 24 hours: Give yourself permission to spend, but with one condition: wait one full day to see if you still feel the same about that purchase. This eliminates illogical or impulsive spending. “After 24 hours your emotions will have changed. If you still want to make the purchase it will be a logical one, not an emotional one,” says Prof Gillon. Give your spending decision some time, start with 24 hours.
  1. Savers: find a financial role model: Is anxious saving stopping you from enjoying life? Find someone whose financial strategy you admire and see what you can copy. “You’re unlikely to relate to someone at the other end of the ‘saver or spender’ spectrum,” says Prof Gillon, “so just pick someone whose balance seems better than yours.”
  2. Spend to Save: Financial experts say, people without debt should look at the “save or spend” riddle from a different perspective. Instead of using their money to consume, they should use it to invest. When economists talk about investing in this sense, they’re not talking about stocks and bonds. Instead, they’re talking about products and services purchased today that will save you money down the line.The mantra is “spend to save,” and here are some examples:
  • Purchase energy efficient products that would consume less energy.
  • Spending on quality clothing so you don’t have to replace every few months.
  • Do preventive maintenance on your vehicles, especially before the summer and winter months when cars are most susceptible to breakdowns.
  • Buy a nice water filter for your faucet instead of purchasing bottled water.

Its ultimately important that we find a balance between spending or saving. With the right support and knowledge you can live a more fulfilled life and experience financial satisfaction.

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Yesterday I went off to church feeling really good about my haircut and the spring air. There was this spring to my steps, I had also just recovered from a little discomfort in my thigh. For some reason I was happy and my steps had a bounce to them. I even got the contact of that girl I had always been eying in church. I ended my procrastination and got the girl. Don’t tell me you only go to church for the hymns!

I first thought it was the haircut but later realized it was not. Earlier in the weekend I found my on-line course “Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies” had commenced and I had just a day to submit my first quiz. The last thing I did before sleeping on Saturday night was to open up the course page and go to bed. I woke up and started out on the course immediately till I completed my quiz. That achievement of a goal set my day on a very productive path and I felt good or even better about my haircut and my cheap T-Shirt.

One of the biggest dents to your knight armor is procrastination; consequently feeling unproductive. The less productive you think your day has been, the worse the mental picture you have about yourself. A lot of us spend a large part of our time doing things that we know deep down are not the most economically productive things we could be doing. We keep shoving those big tasks away why?

A few reasons I can think of:

 1.  It’s Ugly:

Think of the Lagos rat, the elephant beetle or the frog. These are simply mental illustrations of some of the worst tasks you could have in your day. Brian Tracy used the frog analogy in his book “Eat that frog.” I also came across a lot of references to the “elephant beetle” by Kirsty O’Callaghan. There was even this post I saw written by Tifanny, she had a dream about the elephant beetle. This scary dream had practically led her to solving her procrastination habit. I had to think of something Nigerians can relate to, so I thought of the Lagos Rat. One of the biggest triggers of procrastination is that life in itself is rarely roses and candy.

Most of the things that would bring you the success you need are the ugly tasks you have for the day, week, month or year. Using the Pareto rule, I dare say 20 percent of what you should do in a day are ugly tasks and these ugly tasks constitute eighty percent of the success you will have.

 2. Distractions:

There are always so many things calling for your attention and you will achieve very little if you keep trying to do everything. I saw a Forbes article refer to this as “Multitasking.” The quote by Liesa Taylor advises you to stop trying to multi-task. This part of the article did not sit well with me. I also think not every influential person has the right perspective to problem solving, you have to be careful while reading those anti-procrastination quotes compiled by Forbes. Multitasking is a rare skill that a lot of people would pay good money to learn and I consider myself one of the few people who has mastered this skill or habit. This tells a lot in the way I respond to writing requests and also social activities. I have been able to monitor several social accounts at the same time and still satisfy my clients.

The problem is not multi tasking, the problem is an inability to focus on one single task per moment in time. You must be able to have a clear focus on one task per moment of your time if you are going to beat procrastination. Understand that time cost is a factor of measuring how successful you will be at your daily task. If you are an employee that costs so much to your company, you should be thinking of how best to employ some of these ideas to your time management practice. It could save your job.

 3. Clarity:

when you lack clarity on what is most important to you, there is a lot of chance that you would procrastinate. As I have explained earlier, most of us do a lot of things that are not relevant to our goals and objectives. Maybe we have not even clarified or set any goals. This could be the reason you are procrastinating. Maybe you do not know how that “Lagos rat” fits into your overall goal as an individual. You do not see this as an opportunity to be more productive and achieve success.

 4. Perfection:

a lot of us push things away because we always think that things have to be perfect before we take action. Brian Tracy says in his book -it’s far better to take action on an averagely laid out plan than take none on a perfect plan- We have been taught to avoid average results, so we wait for the perfect moment, and we do nothing. There is never going to be a perfect time, place, person or team. Just do something, anything. I have continued to review some of the things I achieved through writing. This assessment makes me fear that I may not be doing a perfect job. I have written books that sometimes make me feel I could have done better. Meanwhile, you should still get my books, they have helped my friends. I have hardly gotten the perfect team to work with, I keep letting some people off while bringing others on. Working with writing teams have shown me that life is all about hypothesis.

In the business metric course I am taking on Coursera, one of the things we were taught about optimizing profitability is A/B testing. You are expected to offer different options of your most likely profitable prices, then see which one sells more. Life is full of uncertainties and without much data, it could be frightening to start anything at all. The first way to know what’s perfect is to try out all the best options you have on any given task. Then see which one gives you the best results.

 5. Fear:

If you have allowed any of the points from 1-4 to affect you, then the chances are that you are afraid of doing anything significant. The fear of failure sets in when you are a Perfectionist, Lack clarity, Focus on distractions and can’t embrace the fact that life is full of ugly “Lagos rats” on your way to success.
How can you Beat Procrastination?

First I will recommend you check through some of the posts I have referenced because they have tackled this extensively. Also I have downloaded a copy of Brian Tracy’s “Eat that frog.” His thoughts are succinct, the chapters are straight to the point. The ideas in Tracy’s book should get you pumped up and active. You should download it too.

Here is my strategy for beating procrastination:

 1.  Work with a list:

This is something I do a lot. I have a diary for almost every year, and I feel it up with ideas and notes to myself. It helps me clarify my most important tasks and also shows me some life goals I set. Perspective is what you get from a list. How best can I do the best task I need to do for my best possible outcome?

 2. Take action:

Every minutes spent doing nothing is time wasted. Find out one simple task you can accomplish within the time and circumstances you find yourself. There are tasks I complete on a bus ride, like posting stories on my social network or tweeting. While I have to get to an office or my room to work on my research.

 3. Share your stories:

The quiz I almost missed was part of one post I made a night or two before. The thought just struck me, I had celebrated getting a financial aid for that course but not started classes. It’s a good thing I shared that news with my friends. In a way put my goal of running the course out there. In fact one of the best practices encouraged for e-learning is that students should share their journey with their social networks as it ensures they would more likely finish the course. So celebrate your tasks and achievements by sharing some of your stories with your friends. This also ensures that they hold you accountable.

What’s Your Strategy?

Okay, I am sure my list of strategies are probably not exhaustive or the best. I think you may have some important bit of experience to share with people. Quickly try this task in the comment section; tell me what you think you have been procrastinating about. How you plan to beat the habit this week? Maybe you don’t procrastinate, you can also tell me why you think you don’t procrastinate. I would really love to hear from you.


Why do people get defrauded online, is it because they were not careful enough? Maybe not. Actually, you are absolutely normal for not trusting your social media contacts, it’s money we are talking about here! A social profile is a great asset in times like this.
I know how it feels when you have paid for a service or product online and the other end of the line just goes cold. It stings! But we still fall for these games over and over again. Sometimes a virtual romance get’s nasty and you lose money. Someone promises to meet you someday and they also shower you with so much love and it’s exciting. You lose hard cash.

Yea it hurts

Sometimes the offer just seems too good to be true. You hear of this opportunity to make some extraordinary profit through some financial platform or the other. People fall for these things. A lot of Nigerians lost their money on a Ponzi WhatsApp group sometime early in the year.
It feels bad when people ignore a genuine offer of business product or service but fall for frauds. Really it could be frustrating to see people fall for these things while they would not spend a dime to purchase your offer, especially when these people are your friends or family.
Let’s say you offered a friend brand coaching session and they did not take it. Later this friend comes online to complain that they lost money to frauds. I would feel bad, and I know you would feel bad too. I may laugh too just to make the friend feel bad.   This is why you need to understand why your social contacts trust the wrong sets of people and how you can help them trust you.

My Story

I wanted to take a flight some weeks back and I knew it would take me a lot of time to go all around the city looking for options to book a flight at the best price. I messaged a friend on facebook who had told me about her job as a travel agent. The available fight options my friend listed tallied with my personal research. I knew she was giving me the right information about the airlines I could follow. The figures I had also seen were the exact same figures she was quoting.
I knew I could transfer the funds which were a total of one forty-five thousand naira and there would be no way to find her. We had never met. She must have felt my hesitation because she started to give me directions to other outlets near me to carry out the transaction. However, like I said, I did not want to go through all the stress. So I did a few things to confirm all I knew about her.

Quick checks most people follow

1.  I checked her pictures and saw her at work and with her child which she had mentioned to me. I saw these pictures over a stretch of a few years and ticked that as a plus for her.

2. The comments under posts can help a lot. There is a way real life family and friends respond to you on social media and it’s different from how facebook contacts respond to you. This is why you should not block everyone who knows you offline from your social account.

3. I saw people who had vouched for her in one contest or the other. Sometimes get involved in contests that may not be in line with your work; writing contests, quizzes, challenges, games. These are things that real people do, so doing them online makes you a little more real.

4. I looked at how much of her personality was reflected in her posts. Sometimes the things we share about our personal struggles, they allow people connect with us better and the more people can find you to be real, the higher the chances of them doing business with you.

5. You should also buy things online sometimes, let your friends know that you are willing to risk doing business with them and this will be reciprocated. A few weeks before I had to pay for this flight, this friend had bought some of my books and even enrolled in a writing class I organized and this sealed my deal with her that day.

Then Deals Get Done

After I had quickly done all these evaluation and thinking, I transferred the fund knowing that it was a risk but a very minimal one. It’s never guaranteed offline or online that you will not be defrauded. There are people who setup fraudulent businesses in the streets, they look genuine and people fall for them. I see no reason why anyone should avoid business online because we fear being defrauded.
However, you as a brand can help your contacts by building a profile that actually gives all the incentives for trust. You can get more clients and get paid online by helping people trust you.

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I have been hurt and taken advantage of by people because they were in the position to do so and because I put them in the position to do so. It was my choice that gave them the power. I allowed them. When they hurt me, I would sit back and analyze things from when I allowed them some power and position up to the point they took advantage of me; stabbing me in the back, looking me in the eye. Sometimes I would think of vengeance.
Of course, not all had to do with love and a broken heart.

Can you relate to this?

As an aspiring businessman, you set out to launch something big. You decide to bring in a friend who says he can be of much help in the success of the launch. You agree, you bring him in, show him your ideas, give him your trust. One night, you slept with the thoughts of clinking wine glasses with him soon. The next morning, you woke up to realize your friend was only ‘tapping’. He left. With your ideas, framework, and schemes. He made them his, got all you dreamt of. In the twinkling of an eye.
You go through all the stages of grief, blaming yourself for being too open, gullible, stupid maybe. You then comfort yourself that everything that goes around, comes around. If you are a Christian, you hear yourself saying, “God will judge” many times.

Then Vengeance

Until you start thinking of revenge. Sweet, slow revenge. How karma would use you to get back at this person. How you will get the position and power needed to get back, to collect your portion of the person’s skin.

These are fleeting thoughts at first. Then, settling thoughts. Dominating thoughts. Disturbing thoughts. Choking thoughts.

For some, these thoughts remain just thoughts that eventually fade. For others, they translate into actions. Vengeful actions. Some well planned and accurate. Others; erratic, widespread and beyond control. In both cases, there is an initial satisfaction of getting back. You congratulate yourself for the feat accomplished. You smile. But that upward curve does not last. It eventually curves downward or becomes a flat line.

You know why?

Revenge does not undo the hurt. It does not bring back what was lost.
It does not prevent future hurt and loss.


Want to stay home and earn a substantial income? Here are some ways to achieve both. Learn about several possibilities for a home business…

As a stay-at-home mom, you might be seeking employment or business opportunities. This would enable you to earn a full-time or part-time income from home. Maybe you’d like to work flexible hours, stay home with your children, or avoid high gasoline and car maintenance costs. Whatever the reason, there are many opportunities online today. You can achieve your goals and earn some extra cash.

Three Options for a Home-Based Business

There are three ways to approach a home business. You can offer products of your own such as clothing, crafts, hair supplies, books, or herbal supplements, build your own website, and stock your own inventory. Unfortunately, this takes much time to build and requires a start-up investment. If you want to offer your own product line, be prepared to wait a while for profits. But keep in mind that this option can be the most profitable for the future if you stick with it.

Another option is to offer a unique service such as accounting or bookkeeping, answering services, Web development or programming, business consulting, or writing. Offering a service has benefits over selling tangible products because you only charge for your “time and skills” but not to restock inventory.

A third option is to sell products or services for others and earn a commission on your sales. This works great if you have limited time to work on your business and need to spend most of your time promoting. This option can be just as profitable as having your own home business without the many headaches of business management.

Types of Business Opportunities when Selling for Others

Though time and space don’t permit discussion of all business opportunities here, let’s take a look at several possibilities. Beauty products are a popular choice for ladies. Most women love to try out new skin creams, lotions, soaps, makeup, and lip glosses. Because you can try out the beauty products yourself, you are more informed on how well they work and how to persuade others to buy them. Some companies offer tremendous compensation when you sell their beauty products for them. They’ll even provide a website for you with all of their products and a shopping cart for your customers to make purchases.

Another type of product that’s popular is clothing. Clothing is very general, so you’ll want to focus in on one particular style or line of clothing. Find a “niche” market within the clothing industry that you can promote to certain types of people. Online, it’s easier to promote to small niche markets instead of trying to promote to a general audience.

Tech support is another much-needed field that’s often ignored by mainstream companies. There are business opportunities today that enable you to promote tech support services to the public and receive a healthy commission. The tech support services are all provided by the company online, but you reap the benefits. Your audience is broad because so many people own computers today… and need help with them!

Other business opportunity ideas include health supplements, educational training products and online education, kitchenware, furniture, household products, pet products, and home and garden products.

Whether you choose to start your own business or sell products for someone else, you can use the Internet to achieve your goals and still be a content stay-at-home mom! Let me take you through some personalized coaching on how you can monetize anything, join here.

Photo by London Scout on Unsplash
Photo by London Scout on Unsplash



There is something called glossophobia – the fear of public speaking, entrepreneurs find themselves in positions that require them to address an audience or panel. Glossophobia makes a speaker freeze and shakes vigorously in the front of the audience, irrespective of how small the audience is, or even when they are familiar faces. The major cause of glossophobia is shyness, embarrassment, first attempt, etc. In schools, some students find speaking terribly difficult for them. Glossophobia is a major trouble for budding entrepreneurs who may find even the smallest task difficult in front of an audience. It could be very difficult to tell the audience your name without freezing, your thoughts run out and lose a bearing.

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary, Confidence is ‘that feeling that one can trust, believe in and be sure about the abilities or good qualities in somebody or something’. The Oxford Miniference Dictionary reads ‘Self – assurance’. Confidence is that assurance you develop even when your thoughts are falling apart.

Confidence in public speaking

It is quite valuable. When a Public Speaker mounts the podium, it is expected from such Speaker not to totter when he/she speaks. In avoidance of this, confidence prevents Speakers from tottering. The fear of standing before the crowd shouldn’t be heard from a Speaker. The audiences are who you are directing your message to, whatever you say that day, turns into reverberation in their ears.

At that moment, see yourself as the number one person there. You are in control of lives. The souls of the individuals you are speaking to are handed over to you. You are the main man and everyone is subject to you. So take the authority. Don’t be timid. It doesn’t matter if there are professionals or professors there take authority and assume authority. See yourself impacting. Let it flow from within and release every tension.

Everyone is now under you. You have to be free to get your message to them. Though some say it is good to be able to come up with an impromptu speech, but to give a message people will understand and flow with it is also important to rehearse your speech well. Let your message speak to you first. Let it minister to yourself first, and then it germinates in you, sits down in you, grow roots and comes alive. Demonstrate your ideas and illustrate with relevant stories.The very first thing you should flaunt before the audience is confidence, you need to possess that quality if you want to speak and present.I’ve met with intelligent Speakers, and in many of their words you would hear them saying ‘it is not easy’.

Pitch with these in Mind

  1. Do you know it is possible for a speaker with a good presentation not to be awarded their desired goals and the less prepared speaker get awarded? It is!Public Speaking itself has a broad scope and confidence as a major aspect of it cannot be over-emphasized. Now, relax, sit, be calm, and read the things to do to gain confidence;
  2. Start small if you are just a starter and a fresher in the school of public speaking. Don’t rush or be in a haste. Rehearse several times before the big talk.
  3. Time your presentation, prepare with a timer. Work towards saying as much as you can say with less, do not beat around the bush when you can hit on the points with precision.
  4. The moment you mount the podium or probably stand before your audience, don’t start your speech immediately. Catch your breath and give a spontaneous smile to your audience.
  5. Avoid stress before mounting the podium.
  6. Amidst the crowd, find a friend for yourself. You can achieve this by giving accolades to the people sited on the high table.
  7. Maintain a good standing position, stand right and straight. An awkward standing position is not a good feature of a good Speaker. Your position does not only present you like an expert, it provides you with comfort.
  8. Don’t start your speech unless you feel the best urge. You could stammer ceaselessly if you are not sure of what you feel.
  9. life is a risk and mistakes happen. When you in a speaking event, you could bump into mistakes unknowingly but don’t stop! When this happens, reduce your pitch. Observe the punctuation, comma(,) – synonyms to pause. With that, you try and gain whatever you want to say. I can remember my secondary school days, I loved representing my school in any debating competitions. It was an unforgettable event during a debate when I mistook ‘represent’ for ‘resident’. I was so much in a haste to oppose the motion that I stammered and stuttered till I finished. That little mistake wronged every right.The way we make our mistakes look before all and sundry determines how others will consider the depth of our mistakes.
  10. Be certain of what you want to say at every point in time.
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Collaborate or Die

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Collaboration is essentially the lifeline of any entrepreneur. In essence, we can only rise by lifting others, by collaborating, by sharing, etc. Amazing brands are not a result of solo efforts, they thrive by joining forces to create brands that are beyond our imagination. It’s about letting go of the fear of losing control of our dreams and letting others teach us and help us grow.

Earlier on in my career, I decided that I couldn’t do it alone, even if I could. I have always believed in the power of collaboration. When I started Eleviv, I had wanted to go at it alone. I met with clients, designed their branding (alone), formulated strategies by myself. I realized pretty quickly that I was doomed to fail if I had continued being the QUEEN OF THE BALL. Although I wasn’t able to hire new talents, I collaborated with companies and individuals to help with areas in my business I wasn’t fit to master.


“Collaboration isn’t about giving up our individuality; it’s about realizing our greater potential.” ― Joseph Rain
Trying to be competent in all areas of your business puts you on a fast track to total BURN OUT. The most important thing is giving away some control so you can focus on what matters most.  Ideas are usually limited to one’s abilities when you go at it alone. But collaborating opens the doors of your business to innovation and exponential growth. You cannot afford to go on this entrepreneurial journey alone. It’s cold, and not too friendly to slackers. You need an amazing team, learn to outsource, give yourself time to focus on your core strengths.If for instance you’ve been commissioned to build a small house, and you gathered all of the materials to build this house, you have all of the master plan to build an amazing house however, your dreams were shattered because it took 3 years to complete. But If you were building the same home, and you have 10 people on your team. One can prepare the site, a second pour the foundation,  another the rough framing, the fourth person works on the plumbing, electrical and HVAC, the fifth installs the insulation, etc. You get the picture! Before long the home is ready to go and within a matter of months, it’s complete. There is strength in numbers, let that be your focus in the upcoming weeks.


Vivian Okojie