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​The difference between waste and taste is class, spend on yourself just a little. 

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Do you frequently have that feeling that you have just wasted a lot of money on a pair of new shoes, and you feel guilty that such money could have been used to feed the poor? Pause! even Jesus did not turn back the jar of expensive perfume. He understood time, seasons, occasions and most especially, class.

You don’t agree?

Humour me a bit, would you have been happy to know the messiah died smelling of cheap perfume? Or that he was dumped in a shallow grave with little or no ceremony? Of course, Jesus would still have risen but I think that would have been the worst kind of damage to theology. More people would be enslaved to the fear of spending. Sometimes it’s alright to take your hard earned money and spend it on things that make you happy no matter how frivolous they seem, you deserve it!

Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) wears gray tee shirts almost every time? Yes you knew but something you don’t know is that these tiny pieces of beauty costs him $400 apiece and that’s because he buys them in bulk from the Brunello Cucinello brand. Ordinarily he would be spending $700 apiece. His sweatshirts are Brunello Cucinelli as well and are priced from $3,000!

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Wouldn’t you call that a good waste of money? Hold up! 

Mark with his wife have also since 2015 pledged to donate 99 percent of their current Facebook shares — around $45 billion in total — to charity. Now beat that! Doesn’t he deserve a $400 tee-shirt?  Sometimes,  it’s not just because we have also done a lot of good with money but because our taste has improved over time.
This is why it is not advisable to judge people because of their spending habit. Most times our own spending habits are more of a result of necessity and not because we want to spend so cheaply.

There is that temptation to judge others for spending so much on clothes, houses, cars and other things that make them feel good. We not only close doors for ourselves by annihilating ourselves from the company of others, we also live with a lot of low self esteem and guilt.

So what are the immediate and most visible results of this repressive lifestyle?

1.  Self annihilation: you begin to fear the company of people who can choose to spend based on their level of income.

2. Resentment: You find it difficult to be  happy when other people seem to be celebrating something that gives them joy.

 3. Low self esteem: the chances that anyone who sees class as wastage would have low self esteem is very high. The truth is, you can never know the story behind other people’s taste and choices, it is not your place to feel intimidated by their lifestyle but you will be because you have judged them.

4. Guilt: eventually when you have an opportunity to spend on yourself and your family, it becomes a struggle with guilt and you lose the joy of these moments.
The expectation of every human is to grow in class, it is not desirable to remain within the same spending limit, year in and year out. The ability to embrace each level of financial freedom you attain relies a lot on your understanding of this simple truth “the difference between waste and taste, is class.”
I hope you get to grow in class, spending limit and finances. If you want to know a little bit more about how you can achieve more financially and live a happier life, you can join the Designed life academy on the 21 days of Fearless journey. Thanks for reading.

Jonathan Oladeji

Jonathan Oladeji

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