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Who are you granting access to?

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I love driving to River oaks and through multimillion dollar residential areas in Houston, just to dream up a little. One day I drove towards an area with the most amazing homes but to my greatest surprise there was a gate, there was no access.

Five things came to mind:

  • Valuable assets have less access.
  • Exclusive things are usually inaccessible.
  • I found out quickly that things of value aren’t accessible to everyone.
  • Not everyone can pay the price to gain access.
  • Not everyone can appreciate the exclusivity it presents.

I began to apply that to my life

You have to become increasingly inaccessible to command value. In economics, the law of demand and supply holds true even in our personal and professional life. You have to determine how much of yourself you are willing to give out and how much are you willing to make inaccessible.
Have you ever wondered why those who have the most access to your life, tend to hurt you the most? Or the drama that follows those with too many access.
I pick and choose who I spend time with, who I visit or allow into my home or life, with whom I share my journey with. There is an understanding that if you are given the key or access into my space then you use that privilege wisely and be respectful of the opportunity.
This month I hope you become clear on who you grant access to. Most importantly always use the law of demand and supply to your advantage. Have a great day!!!



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