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Trust in the Process of your Journey

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Trust is an essential part of a relationship, it is an important part of any business partnership, it is also a fundamental tenet in religion. Trust means you aren’t afraid to believe in something or someone. Are you someone that can be trusted? Do you find it hard or easy to trust? In today’s society, its so hard to find people to trust. But do you trust the process of your journey, your life? It is critical to trust in the process of your journey not just in people. Trust is believing that all the good and bad of your existence will end in praise. It’s believing that your child would turn out ok, it is trusting that your marriage would beat the odds and survive, it’s believing that you are sustained by God and you draw from His wall of grace, it’s trusting that the doctors results are not the final report, it is also trusting that your deep desires and dreams would come true and that your business would not fail.

Trust is much like faith and it requires actively letting go and letting your heart accept and trust the process of whatever life throws at you. The beautiful part of it is that you can truly rest in your trust of the divine…. ” Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (sickness, divorce, poverty, need, broken heart, failed business, lost job, family problems, terminal illness) I will fear no evil: for thou (God) art with me; thy rod (protection) and thy staff (trust) they comfort me. Psalm 23:4
He protects us with His rod and we can trust the leading of His staff. Do you feel like crying out, “baa, baa, baa?” He is listening!

You can simply rest like a newborn without a care in the world, knowing that you are in good hands.




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