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Tolerance: a necessary spice for lasting marriage

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I once stayed with three other ladies in a room for a month; it’s an experience worth remembering anytime and any day. It seems so difficult for ladies of the different race to stay in the same room for something close to a month without causing chaos and nursing grudges but I stayed with these ladies peacefully.

The magic was just tolerance. We tolerated each other’s shortcomings, tolerated each other’s faults, we tolerated each other’s wrongs, etc. The number of things we had in common could not measure up to the ones we didn’t have in common. That ought to have caused so much noise in the room every day.

Where am I heading to? What am I trying to deduce? It is simple. It is straight. The tolerance we apply in a relationship would no doubt make so life works out well. We don’t find so many things easy; we are all tolerating them and each other.

Tolerance in marriage is very important and very significant.

It makes the partners understand themselves and give the deserved respect to one another. The husband snores, you don’t snore and you don’t like it. The wife doesn’t cook some food because it makes her vomit, and those are the ones you like. The husband likes the light on at night, you don’t like it. You wife likes the fan on, you don’t. If care is not taken, this husband and wife cannot live happily.

This is when tolerance comes in, you must be able to tolerate one another to avoid frequent scuffle. Strive to make peace at every slight mistake and apologise almost immediately. So far the both of you were not raised by the same parent, you should expect differences. Children that were nursed and tutored by the same parent don’t behave the same way; so, don’t expect that from those that were raised by different parents.

Tolerance shouldn’t come in some aspects in marriage; let it work in all aspects of marriage. The best of marriages you see are not perfect; they only tolerate those things divorced couples couldn’t tolerate. You have to learn to tolerate some shortcomings from your partner if you want a peaceful marriage. Human beings are not perfect, your imperfection cannot look appealing to everyone but it must definitely look to your partner and let it vice versa.




Eunice Oladokun

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