The Widow

by Jonathan Oladeji-

It came like a wave of darkness
On a bright and sunny day
The shattering of a vase of flowers
In the middle of their bloom
A million thoughts ran through her head
She wished she did not have a mind
The worst part of a nightmare
Is when you know you can’t wake up

Mourners came and wailers went
Blowing promises to the air
Loving friends consoled and left
With gratitude for their homes
Except for naive darlings
She knew she was alone
She would have nagged him back to life
But who can argue with the dead?

She asked the past, the sand and walls
Why misfortune made her its choice
Each time she stared into the future
It sent chills running down her spine
She watched her children laugh and play
And forced a smile through crumpled lips
Through the sparkles in their eyes
She found a reason to be strong


Jonathan Oladeji

Damilola is a content curator and creator, he writes for the passion and the thrill. He has been published on Tuck Magazine, SGNT, VivaNaija and also shares some of his stories on He has an eye for juicy content and loves to make brand ideas sell.



    This is a very powerful write up. Her children was her hope, cos she could see a future in them and that keeps her to be strong, like the last line(she found a reason to be strong …

    CHUKS OBI, Keep the pen gliding…great one..

    May . 05 . 17
  2. Deronke

    This is a very beautiful poem, one pregnant with meaning..beautiful choice of words..

    Every line conveys a powerful message.. The poem gives one the picture of what widowhood is like at first… Great job,poet!!

    May . 05 . 17

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