Becoming The Best Version of Yourself, Success in a Life of Design.

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If you desire something, go ahead and work towards it. You have to stop thinking about what other people will say about you and concentrate on what you want. Of course, we all want to be right. We all want to lead. We all want to be rich. We all want to be free. We all want many things but we will not have all these if all we do is succumb to the pressures that surround us.

You are not him. You are not her.

Stop thinking like him. Stop acting like her. You have a mind. Use it. Think for yourself. It is a choice to be the best version of yourself, becoming exactly who you want to be. Just do you.

Not everyone will agree with you but do not let that stop you.The encouragements may never come, do not wait for it.Every one of us has dreams they hold dear yet only a few succeed. The criticisms will always be there, the hurdles may never go away, and the arrows may keep pointing at you but your reaction matters where this is concerned.

Do you stay low when you get hit or do you try to get back up and try again? Some people never get over their failures but others do and there lies the difference. If you concentrate on your weakness you will face many limitations.

Keep pushing. Keep pressing. You are not him or her. You will succeed only when you want to succeed.


Edikan Ekong

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