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Social Media Branding and Financial Growth.

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The Economic realities all over the world are harsh as always, there is rarely a time in history when things have not been hard. It is becoming more of an ordeal to eat three meals in a day, and innovation has come to stay. These are times when social branding has become the most cost-effective way to attract clients or customers at almost no cost.

It’s one thing to find your circle and connect with entrepreneurs within the same industry; it’s a different to stand out stand out. Contrary to popular opinion, branding and not illegal or diabolical methods have been the major tool for many businesses in the 21st Century. Many young businesses fail because they lack personal branding techniques, we could give twenty fashion designers the same yards of cloth, but they would produce a large variety of styles and wears.

Branding is not always about your skills, it involves:

  1. Attitude: your attitudes towards customers. You don’t shout down your customers or clients for any reason at all, your business goals seek to please and retain loyal customers. Some staff become all negative when interacting with clients, some would be rude to say things like “Madam, are you in your right senses?”
  2. Style/Niche: Let people differentiate you from others; show them what you can do what others cannot. Be brave enough to try uncharted territories, sometimes that may just be what makes you shine.
  3. Mobility: Advance in your chosen path or career, take courses and attend seminars. Don’t be stagnant. Learn from people; make good use of social media platforms.
  4. Exhibition: Social media can help you showcase what you do, it can change your life, it can help you fulfill your dreams. Relate with influencers in your field, prove your works, beat your chest on what you do, tell them you can give them the best service.

These days the whole world is virtually online, decisions are made through social networks and money even change hands online.Brand yourself to sell, tell the whole world about what you do and why you do it.

Success is just like a KEY. You have the key with you, and you can use it whenever you want to.
You’re the KEY!
You’re the best thing that can ever be useful for yourself, so be the BEST for yourself. Create a strong online presence and watch your social media profiles serve as your office.



Eunice Oladokun

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