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There is something called glossophobia – the fear of public speaking, entrepreneurs find themselves in positions that require them to address an audience or panel. Glossophobia makes a speaker freeze and shakes vigorously in the front of the audience, irrespective of how small the audience is, or even when they are familiar faces. The major cause of glossophobia is shyness, embarrassment, first attempt, etc. In schools, some students find speaking terribly difficult for them. Glossophobia is a major trouble for budding entrepreneurs who may find even the smallest task difficult in front of an audience. It could be very difficult to tell the audience your name without freezing, your thoughts run out and lose a bearing.

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary, Confidence is ‘that feeling that one can trust, believe in and be sure about the abilities or good qualities in somebody or something’. The Oxford Miniference Dictionary reads ‘Self – assurance’. Confidence is that assurance you develop even when your thoughts are falling apart.

Confidence in public speaking

It is quite valuable. When a Public Speaker mounts the podium, it is expected from such Speaker not to totter when he/she speaks. In avoidance of this, confidence prevents Speakers from tottering. The fear of standing before the crowd shouldn’t be heard from a Speaker. The audiences are who you are directing your message to, whatever you say that day, turns into reverberation in their ears.

At that moment, see yourself as the number one person there. You are in control of lives. The souls of the individuals you are speaking to are handed over to you. You are the main man and everyone is subject to you. So take the authority. Don’t be timid. It doesn’t matter if there are professionals or professors there take authority and assume authority. See yourself impacting. Let it flow from within and release every tension.

Everyone is now under you. You have to be free to get your message to them. Though some say it is good to be able to come up with an impromptu speech, but to give a message people will understand and flow with it is also important to rehearse your speech well. Let your message speak to you first. Let it minister to yourself first, and then it germinates in you, sits down in you, grow roots and comes alive. Demonstrate your ideas and illustrate with relevant stories.The very first thing you should flaunt before the audience is confidence, you need to possess that quality if you want to speak and present.I’ve met with intelligent Speakers, and in many of their words you would hear them saying ‘it is not easy’.

Pitch with these in Mind

  1. Do you know it is possible for a speaker with a good presentation not to be awarded their desired goals and the less prepared speaker get awarded? It is!Public Speaking itself has a broad scope and confidence as a major aspect of it cannot be over-emphasized. Now, relax, sit, be calm, and read the things to do to gain confidence;
  2. Start small if you are just a starter and a fresher in the school of public speaking. Don’t rush or be in a haste. Rehearse several times before the big talk.
  3. Time your presentation, prepare with a timer. Work towards saying as much as you can say with less, do not beat around the bush when you can hit on the points with precision.
  4. The moment you mount the podium or probably stand before your audience, don’t start your speech immediately. Catch your breath and give a spontaneous smile to your audience.
  5. Avoid stress before mounting the podium.
  6. Amidst the crowd, find a friend for yourself. You can achieve this by giving accolades to the people sited on the high table.
  7. Maintain a good standing position, stand right and straight. An awkward standing position is not a good feature of a good Speaker. Your position does not only present you like an expert, it provides you with comfort.
  8. Don’t start your speech unless you feel the best urge. You could stammer ceaselessly if you are not sure of what you feel.
  9. life is a risk and mistakes happen. When you in a speaking event, you could bump into mistakes unknowingly but don’t stop! When this happens, reduce your pitch. Observe the punctuation, comma(,) – synonyms to pause. With that, you try and gain whatever you want to say. I can remember my secondary school days, I loved representing my school in any debating competitions. It was an unforgettable event during a debate when I mistook ‘represent’ for ‘resident’. I was so much in a haste to oppose the motion that I stammered and stuttered till I finished. That little mistake wronged every right.The way we make our mistakes look before all and sundry determines how others will consider the depth of our mistakes.
  10. Be certain of what you want to say at every point in time.

Eunice Oladokun

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