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Pedophiles and Child molesters should be Tagged, Labeled, and Imprisoned.

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When I was about 9 years old my dad’s bank account manager who was definitely over 30 years old wanted me to date him! I was only 9 years old.
He promised he would take care of me and buy me things but I should not tell my dad. I told him I didn’t need anything that my dad gives me all that I need.
At 10, a random uncle in Ilorin tried to make a pass, told me to lay close to him… I escaped the pedophile and ran for my life. So many instances of teachers, uncles, random old men trying to steal my innocence but I always will run from them. I count myself lucky to have lived in Nigeria for 17 years of my life and escaped molestation. But some girls are not that lucky, poverty and limited education is a contributing factor in some cases. Nuclear family settings, open door policies, and culture is another factor.
I knew a girl who was impregnated at 13 years old by a man 3 times her age. He lured her with mango and candy. I have heard of men promising little 15 years old girls higher education in exchange for marriage. These girls lose their childhood to vagabonds and men thirsty for control. They are thrust into adulthood unknowingly and most times unwillingly.

We’ve got to do more about the girl child, to protect her and stop the circle of molestation and early marriage.
We should not be clouded by religion and be too blind to see what’s going on around us.  
How can a society highly suppressed by religion and culture be hypersexualized?. The simple answer is that we are not paying ATTENTION to our children. There is a cesspool of immorality that lingers in everything from our schools, to our homes. Parents are nonchalant about the daily dealings of their children. They are left to watch porn in the name of reality tv and tv programmings.They are subjected to listening to highly sexual music that teaches boys that women are tools to be used to fulfill their itch. They are taught to see women as whores. They watch their dad’s slap their moms to tame her like a dog.
You leave your daughters with uncle’s and neighbors to watch. Do you know what they are doing with them? Houseboys and house girls even drivers in your home have too much access to your children.
You ignore the signs in the name of culture. You don’t talk to them, you don’t ask questions, you don’t monitor their behaviors, you are busy chasing irrelevance.


I watch my son’s with keen interest, we don’t allow sleepovers, I monitor what they watch even cartoons.
When I bath them I tell them to wash their privates themselves. That’s me! I pay attention. I don’t want to nurse wounds in their adulthood that I should have ensured never happened.

Questionable behaviors amongst siblings should be corrected. Unacceptable plays or games should not be allowed in your home.
When kids come over, I make.sure they play in the open no closed doors. Don’t allow men bathe your daughters, even their own brothers or fathers especially after a certain age. Start teaching them that it’s not okay to be touched inappropriately.

Stop sending your kids off to family members and friends to stay for long periods. We’ve got to start educating our kids what is not acceptable. Ask them questions, pay attention.
Provide the basics so they can’t be lured. The problem isn’t the age gap, it doesn’t matter if it’s between a 6 years old and a 10 years old. Parents must do better but there is a special place in Hades for pedophiles who prey on the innocent child.

Pedophiles and child molesters should be tagged, labeled, and imprisoned.

The government must bring sexual offenders to justice, pedophiles and child molesters should be tagged, labeled, and imprisoned. There should not be any room to abhor them and encourage bad behaviors. The government must create a system that calls for child-friendly programming and the movie industry must do their part. Schools must keep an eye out for changes in a child’s behavior that points to both physical and sexual abuse, they must have an avenue to record and report these cases. Parents must protect their children and report cases of sexual abuse to the right authority. We must fight not just for the girl child but for all children. They deserve to be children and not victims of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and neglect. We as a society have to say NO to sexual abuse of any kind and fight to create a safe environment for our children.


Written by: Vivian Okojie




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