Parted Company

by Jonathan Oladeji-

Written down in the sheet he gave me were the same words I had trembled into his ears the first night we became friends under the full night moon as night surrendered power to day.

Folding the paper into my bag, I let tears give succour to my aching heart. I had become the beast that torments his everyday dreams and a nightmare to his eyes awake.

Reasons were means I could never give to no one. Let the night clouds pour tears and wash the guilt mud that had ashened into my heart. I had committed the very non commitment I accused Solomon of.

Theories shall be written in my stead but yet the fact I hid shall be more myth than the lost city of Atlantis.


Jonathan Oladeji

Damilola is a content curator and creator, he writes for the passion and the thrill. He has been published on Tuck Magazine, SGNT, VivaNaija and also shares some of his stories on He has an eye for juicy content and loves to make brand ideas sell.

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