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New Start

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It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the constant reminders of tasks left undone, dreams going stale, and hope deferred.  I took some time off Designed Life to rebuild some buried dreams and to reevaluate what my 2019 would be mostly about. As a multi-talented woman, it is often difficult to focus on a task and to the outside world, it seems you are doing too much. Over the years, I have seen how my dreams align and how they are all in sync with one another. My goal for the coming year is to combine them beautifully in a way that celebrates each one of my gifts.

Designed life blog was stalled to give me time to refocus and decide if its something I’d like to continue with. Just like some of my creative dreams, designed life is one that needs to be reawakened. Designed Life will focus on inspiration, business, travel, parenting, relationship, food, decor, design, art, spirituality, and purpose; everything that pretty much sums up my life. This year has been super interesting and promises to be even more EPIC and I’d like to share those journeys with my DL readers. I need a space that gives me the opportunity to speak on issues I am passionate about and explore all my interest beautifully. Designed Life is that perfect platform and I miss it dearly. So here’s to NEW START.

Let’s GO!



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