Multitalented? How to Manage and Marry your Talents.

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Am I cursed? That’s one question I’d ask myself for years. I would spend days pondering why I have too many talents, how to shrink my abilities so others don’t feel threatened, or how to manage all of them. It was daunting. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that there are tribes of men and women just like me. A tribe of multitalented, multifaceted, unboxable people. They are idea generators, they are inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and so much more. They can sing, write, draw, create things, build things, etc.

The good news is you and I are not cursed. We are part of a tribe of amazing people who are blessed to view the world through different lenses, to explore the world in undescribable ways. But because the world isn’t friendly to people like us, we have got to understand how to manage all of the “amazingness” that we are blessed with.

So how do you manage your talents? 

One thing I found helpful over the years was the ability to prioritize my day. Creating a list of things to do, from the most important to the least important. I do the same, with my talents. For years I’d try doing everything at the same time and get overwhelmed or overlooked. Often times people overlook or look down on people who are multitalented, they are often referred to as “unserious”, “unfocused”, and usually not taken seriously.

A multitalented person is constantly battling with how to show up in life. There is often an inner battle on who to show up as. I was once invited to speak on a panel based on my work as an author, I got so excited I started talking about every other thing I do. It is hard to just be “one thing”. You and I can’t just be “one thing”. Think back to the last time you tried…, it usually never works.

So managing your talents requires strategic thoughts and actions. Deciding which talent to focus on quarterly, yearly, etc. So maybe you focus on one for a while, then add to it, and so on. One thing I found helpful was the ability to “marry” my talents. I wrote down everything I’m good at and made a link. I love writing, I love issues relating to women, business, relationships, sex, etc. So I created a niche to only write on issues I’m passionate about, I turned my love for writing and helping others find their voices into a business by starting a publishing company, Eleviv Publishing Group. I married my love for design, art, and fashion into creating textile designs, branding for my company,  and creating art work for projects. I can go on and on about marrying my talents and linking them but the truth is you can definitely do that seamlessly.

I am learning as I grow into a better version of me but through prioritizing and marrying my talents I’ve been able to have a clear picture of my purpose and how they are somehow linked to who I’ve been called to be. You are part of an amazing tribe, look for others like you, marry your talents, and never shrink. Sometimes you just have to look closely!

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