by Jonathan Oladeji-

Jimmy sat in the bar nursing a his third bottle of root beer. Things had gotten a little tense some hours ago at home so he chose to cool off in the bar. He sat there watching the tv screen showing a match between the local football club and their arch rivals. He was one of three identical triplets. A very rare occurrence. They’d gotten into a huge argument that morning. It was heated. They has fights every now and then. All siblings do but this was strange. It was like they we’re possessed with something that had taken over their emotions. Shouts of “Goal!!!!” erupted around him. They we’re winning. He bent over the table and muttered a silent apology to his brothers. Just then, he felt a tug on his shoulder. He turned to face Jack -the eldest of them.

“Hey man listen…”, he began. But Jack’s fist in his face had him crumbling. He fell off the chair and rolled over on the ground. All eyes now turned to them. He knew no one dared separate them. Jungle justice was a thing around here especially when it is a fight of same sexes. He cursed as he wiped blood off his lips. Jack kicked the chair out of his way and approached him. He reached out to grab him by his shirt when he laid in on him in his groin. Jack winced in pain and staggered a bit. He rose halfway and ran to him, ramming him to the ground. He tried to punch him in the face but Jack blocked that blow with his left hand, and tumbled him over. He hadn’t seen that coming so the next thing he remembered was taking in blow after blow from his more experienced fighter brother. Jack stood from him to Ward of a man that had tried to intervene. Jimmy took his chance. He crawled to where his brother stood and kicked him behind his knee and as he slumped on the table, he rose and smacked him with a chair.

“Knock it off, Jim!”, Johnny barked as he rushed in running towards them. Jimmy ignored his little brother and instead started feeding Jack some blows. Johnny grabbed him by the collar and flung him sideways. He fell and clattered against some furniture.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Patterson.” Johnny started towards the bewildered old man.
“It’s okay son. Whatever shit you guys got going on, you have to settle it amicably.” Johnny went to pick up Jack from the floor. He helped him into the back of his truck. He came back for Jimmy. Arms around his waist, he literally dragged him and dumped him in the passengers seat. He went back into the bar.

“Mr. Peterson, please send me a check that’ll cover the damages.”

“It’s fine son. I’ve got it covered. I’m more interested that you brothers kiss and make up.”

“Thank you sir.” Johnny said firmly with a smile and left. He drove off cursing hard.


Nine o’clock.
The weather was fine. Summer wasn’t as hot today as usual. Insects crawled and birds sang lullabies. A couple crows hovered. The night was still in shadows. The moon was yet to show. There had been doubts as to whether the ritual would continue. The leader of their coven had reassured them that today was exactly 100years since the prophesy. It was fulfillment time. Every witch in the coven waited for this day. Her parents had wanted to be witnesses but they had to give their life for her protection during her initiation. It had been a complicated issue. The thoughts lingered but she brushed them aside. She moved to the shelf and took out the candles. She moved to altar and began to arrange it. On the altar was a stone plaque, slightly slanted. At the base on both sides, two silver cherubs kneeled facing each other. A large Inverted Pentagram dominated the plaque. At the core was the zodiac symbol of Gemini -the twins. A bridge loomed above it and on it, she placed three candles and lit them. At each tip of the Pentagram,a symbol depicting each of earth, air,fire, water and spirit was carved. The altar stood at the the heart of a very large Magen David- a satanic symbol that has a resemblance to the hexagram except it is not enclosed in a circle like a hexagram. She set six red candles at the six edges in the larger symbol on the ground. She went back to the shelf and started taking out the herbs and potions. That was her duty. She had been raised by a mother who had potions for about anything. Naturally, she loved plants as a kid and that made it even easier to get easily acquainted to these. She arranged them carefully and began the process of cooking the Awakening elixir. Slowly, the sanctuary began to be filled with people. This was the day. Balgrador- a twin demon consisting of a male and female would rise today. He had waited for 1000years. For each 200 years, he was bathed in demonic rituals with respect to the five points of the Pentagram. He just completed his final 200years. A ceremony to make him rise in fullness was what they were here for. She heard joyous whispering and looked out the window. The moon was full and unusually very bright.

Johnny sat on the kitchen counter. He had a cup.of coffee in his hand. He was ticking items off a list. Jack walked in. He looked subdued and tired. His steps faltered as he walked. He reached the kettle, poured some coffee and leaned against the wall, sipping quietly.

“You look better now.” Johnny said quietly. He returned a blank stare.

“What happened?” Jack asked.

“You almost killed yourselves. The curse is stronger now.” He dropped his cup into the sink and went to examine his brother. A couple cuts we’re visible. Aside that, he looked good. Nothing a cold shower can’t fix. Jimmy walked in. He looked at them both. He walked up to Jack, placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a squeeze. Jack returned the gesture by standing and giving him a warm embrace.

“Now that you’re both sane, and trying not to kill each other, let’s go.and get that demon.” They all went to the porch. There they went over the plan again. Everything was set. Potions and anklets. They had their guns loaded and ready.

“Who fights demons with guns?” Jimmy asked with a smirk on his face. They all laughed. They loaded their stuff into the truck, and locked up the house. Jack drove with a loud pop song blasting on the stereo. Keep.calm, he thought to himself. You’re not going to die today, okay? He drove straight on at full speed while the moon followed.


The moon was still. All bright and immovable. Everything was in place. The ritual was about to begin. The elders gathered and took their positions. Elle placed the Book of shadows on the altar with its page turned to a binding spell. A dagger was given to the elders who passed it around, cutting their palms and letting the blood drop in a silver chalice Elle held out to them, one by one. When that was done, the blood was mixed with a potion and poured on the altar. She lit the candles and then stepped out. Her part was done. Just like others,she stood on a side of the room and watched.


Beloved of Lucifer,
Oh mighty balgrador,
Rise from.this elixir,
And the blood we pour..

The chants we’re repeated. A terrible wind began to blow. Objects we’re flying around and smashing into each other outside the house. The leaves on the trees whistled loudly. Then it came into the room. Everyone not in the circle was lifted by an unseen force and smacked on the ground. Elle was untouched. She was the one making potions. Demons respect the people who keep them alive. The candles went off. There was a swooshing sound inside the room. The roof was blown off. The moon had gone into the shadows. Thick blackness surrounded them. A flock of crows now loomed over them. All the elders chanting the spell were all on the ground. Then it came. Smoke rose from the altar. Black and white smoke. Then fire. This demon was straight from hell. Then a human form is seen. A body of shadows and smoke and eyes of fire. One more thing. An innocent blood. That had been provided. Elle, tool the blood bag and placed it on the altar,heads bent so she wouldn’t look him in the eye. He gauges the blood and then went back into the ground.

Five minutes.


It began again. The moon has resurfaced and now shone directly into.the house. Fire came up from the centre of the the Megan David. It was like a hole was dug there. Thick hot fire. Then a hand came up. Thick and heavy and strong. Another joined and slowly he rose. All seven foot of evil standing there. His eyes shone look the moon. He had a teethed scabbard- his choice weapon on revenge.

Just then…


The door came down and three brother stood at the entrance.

“Balgrador!” Jack said authoritatively, “we gotta talk. ”


Jonathan Oladeji

Damilola is a content curator and creator, he writes for the passion and the thrill. He has been published on Tuck Magazine, SGNT, VivaNaija and also shares some of his stories on He has an eye for juicy content and loves to make brand ideas sell.

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  1. Onyemaechi chinwendu

    A nice story that places value on the people who risk their peace and sanity to fight our battles. More light could have been shed on the brothers lives in relation to the awakening.

    May . 05 . 17

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