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We agree that Givers Never Lack, Designed life.

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There is a popular adage which says; ‘Givers never lack’.

There is a personal experience that fits well with this particular topic, I can remember a day I had to go to register my mobile line at a nearby mobile service outlet. A lady rushed into the office, sweating, and shaking.

She came to seek for financial assistance on behalf of her boss, whose child was rushed to the hospital that same day. Her boss happens to be a great philanthropist in the area, one of her usually outreach was to organize an end-of-the- year party for kids in the area.

Without much ado, those who knew about her all gathered the money.

“Her child must not die, that woman is too good to lose a child,” A woman said.

It then dawned on me that those little hands you stretch to people count in great measures.

Help someone today

Inspire someone today, and motivate someone. Giving mustn’t be in terms of finance, your words are meant to proclaim encouragement. Give a word of encouragement today.

Someone is about giving up, that person needs you, would you allow that person sink into futility?

Give because you have the desire to, not because you feel intimidated by others doing it.

Also, Give because you see a future in those you are helping.

Give because you know what giving is.

Make efforts to give because you feel for that person.

Give because you know giving help, not because Pastor preached it on Sunday.

The best you can do for any human being on this planet, earth, is to be a blessing to their lives.


Eunice Oladokun

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