10 Inspirational Notes to Me

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Inspirational Notes to Me


1. You are the future, never be afraid of becoming exceptional as you were meant to be.

2. Be prepared to do everything it takes to live life without limits.

3. Above all, Love yourself. You can not love others when you are set on self-alienation.

4. Surround yourself with only the best of everything you want to be, association makes you become a reflection of those nearest to you.

5. Never join in beating down on yourself, be your own number one fan.

6. You are the only species of your kind, you are unique.

7. I am the definition of greatness, whatever milestone I make is the best that has ever been.

8. Comparison is a senseless game, there are more than a billion humans on heart. I cannot be like everyone!

9. My mind is the greatest creative force, I cannot be fighting against my own self. My job is to cultivate the excellence of my mind.

10. Failure is when my future is left at the mercy of my past and the present is sacrificed on the altar of self-pity.


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