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5 Ways to Improve Your Parenting Skills, win your child’s trust.

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Parenting goes beyond bearing offspring or providing the basic needs of the children. It encapsulates care, affection, nursing, educating, etc. Parenting these days is only maintained to the level of provision and procreation. No one really cares about showing care, and this has resulted in populating the world with children that become a menace. Most times children who go out and constitute a nuisance are a product of lack of good parenting.

Children need a lot of care, especially the girl child. Girls get to a stage in life where they become secretive. A girl is abused and threatened not to tell anyone, some fear that they will get killed.  Such a girl will be afraid of so many things apart from the threat and abuse. This could make young girls become reclusive. It affects her academically (poor performance), socially (anti-social behaviors), physically (undue weight loss), emotionally.

It takes a good and caring parent to notice all these in her because she won’t tell anyone she is going through some things. There are guidelines to follow as a parent:

  1. Quality Time:

    Spend quality time with your child. Children open up to someone that pays attention to their feelings. Many folks think only relationships or marriage needs TIME as a factor that will keep them going which is not true. Children also need time from parents, there should be a time where both parents should sit down with the child and have some fun. Talking with children could be difficult because of the generation gap but we just need to make it happen.

  1. Satisfy their inquisitiveness:

    Children are known to be very inquisitive and that is how God has created them to be. They always like to know everything; even the things you don’t expect them to know are the things they ask. Shunning them is like telling them you don’t care. Make sure you satisfy their inquisitiveness even if they are childish questions. But do you that those questions to them are not childish, they feel on top of the world when they find an answer(s) to their long time aspiring question(s).

  1. Questions:

    Ask them those questions about everything you need to know. Don’t be too busy to create time for them. Ask about their day at school, what was taught in school, how easily they could grasp their subjects. When you ask these questions, there is nothing that would make them feel inferior among their friends, they would not have any reason to be covetous or pick bad habits.

  1. Correction with love:

    When you correct a child with love, such child would find it very easy to discuss anything that bothers the child. Children relate with love, they understand the language called love than most adults. How do you expect a girl that was abused to open to you when you scream at her at any slight mistake she makes? She cannot, she will not.

  1. Call a spade a spade:

    Many parents do not teach girls enough about sex and sexuality, and teenage pregnancy is a geometric progression in recent times. Some parents think sex education makes the children indulge, but statistics prove that reverse is the case. Girls are taught in the wrong places eventually.



Eunice Oladokun

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