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How to Handle Rejection

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If you have ever received a rejection letter or email, you would remember how it feels when you just saw the mail man or when you got an email notification. The excitement, the rush, and hope. Everything in you desires that your request gets a positive response, family, and friends crowd around you also. Holding your breath, you click that button or unfold that letter.

Instead of “Congratulations” what you see is a big fat “Unfortunately” and the rest becomes a blur, the hopes come crashing down and you realize that all the time and effort you put into the process just went to waste.

In another case, for those who have a checklist for the “Ideal” partner, we hardly take the chances with too many people. We make quick assessments from afar and evaluate the chances we have before taking the leap, our expectations are high, we know this is the one. There is that urgency that follows, the rush to get a response after declaring our intentions. We have done our homework, you know what she wants, the food she loves, you both watch the same TV shows and are practically twins. Then she comes around to tell you, she wants to be a friend but cannot offer much more than that. A classic case of rejection with a little bit of sympathy.

In a number of cases, we get our works turned down, our stories rejected by publishers, proposals discarded and we become traumatized. Rejection is as traumatic as death, it kills something inside the recipient. How should rejection be handled?

– Rejection should never be seen as a failure, rather it should be seen as a pointer to new directions.

-Rejection should be accepted as a propeller towards trying new outlets for our goals. If you have applied for a Job and got rejected, apply for another and keep applying till you get what you want.
– Rejection is not a sign to lower your standards, your initial vision should not be discarded. Reassessment may be necessary in some cases but the zeal to achieve you life’s purpose or desire should never be discarded.
– Be proud of yourself always. There is always a big temptation to lose confidence in your abilities, a rejection letter could be the first step towards total self doubt. If you experience self doubt, reach out to friends, family and those within your support system and their words of affirmation may be all you need.

Rejection is not the same as failure, you are the answer to some specific need out there and God has a plan and purpose for your life. It is not those who start out with zeal that become heroes but those who endure to the end. Do you have any abandoned dreams? Now is the time to go pick them up again, let this be a wake-up call to let you know that you can become whoever you want to be and rejection should not kill your dreams.


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