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Hello, Spring. You Looking Good.

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Happy New month!! Wow. It felt like winter just wouldn’t go away but Mama Nature told Daddy Frost to take a hike. And now, flowers blooming, birds are singing and chirping, even the kids seem to be listening to you now because the nicer weather just seems to make them breathe better. All these things just make you want to get in touch with your peaceful, more tender side and that usually moves you into creating chaos. Fun chaos, the type in which you can show off to your friends or just hang up on your walls as you open the windows to let the climate jump in. And we have 5 sets of perfect DIYs that will get you flowing with the perfect crafts to usher in Spring.


Flowers are one of the easiest things to make. Once you are armed with paper or fabric, a pair of scissors, glue and some paint, you can make many styles and forms as you can imagine.

Flowers are fun to make and versatile in its uses such as weddings, proposals, baby showers and even as accessories.




One can easily fall in love with the beautiful winged dancers that glide away in fresh winds. Butterflies mesmerize us with their color and delicate features. They add a touch of whimsy to everything and can be made from paper, fabric and even plastic bottles. Awesome.



Now, for every home, the entry door the first to welcome both homeowners and visitors and usually gives the first impression of the home’s essence. Wreaths are a fun way to let all who come to your home know that they are welcomed and also, what season we are in. It is also a fabulous way to turn your door into a display piece of fantastic art. And now, wreaths are not just flowers and branches anymore, you can go all out and put up even the butterflies you have made from the DIYs above.


Mini Gardens

I grew up in a home what had flowers but it came as a big surprise to me that only farm plants and fake flowers thrive when I am around. So, since I am a huge risk to pretty living flowers, I make do with handmade or plastic flowers in miniature gardens that become art pieces in their own way. If you are like me (a danger to living plants) or just want to add a natural touch to your surroundings, here are some wonderful ways to do just that.


Wine Bottles

With how hard the economy has hit everyone, there were moments when sacrifices had to be made. It was either chocolates or wine…Wine won. And now, you have stacks of bottles in which you can send away with the recycle guys or you could make awesome projects with them that would make your home a little cozier. After all, you are giving them another lease of life before they return to sand again.

And these are great DIY projects in which you can get awesome results. Have fun, keep being creative and have a wonderful designed life.




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