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Would you Respond to God’s calling and Dump your Degree?

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My Name is Joshua, I have always been an “A” grade student, everyone loves me. The hope my parents had were about to be dashed. My father died when I was barely 7 years old since then my Mother was married off to Uncle Jite and he was like a father to me. Uncle Jite did not treat me and mother like he treated his first wife and her children but he did right by us. He regularly added to my mom’s savings so she fed me and paid my school fees.

In my final year at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, I got the call of God to service. I finished NYSC and planned to break the news to my parents after returning home, Chinenye (My Fiancee) has been in mourning since I told her that she was getting married to a clergy. She had to choose that life or leave me.

My mother has told the whole village how her “Engineer” son will build a factory, employ their children and bring contractors to tar the roads.


What Should be Priority?

This narrative is common in countries where Christianity and several religious persuasions place a higher value on the calling of “God” than the needs of a dying society.

This question has remained largely unanswered, a lot of young people find themselves at a crossroad. Should a young graduate dump his 4/5years university degree and become a Bible-thumping Proselyte. Is it possible that God cares more about recruiting people to eternal life than building societies that work? Is there a balance out there?

These are questions that require a lot of counsel, a lot of prayers. Sometimes we make a decision not to choose what seems to be the expected route. We all know that Paul in the scriptures continued to work for his own upkeep by tent making, while we have other disciples who left their fish nets to follow Jesus. It is important that every individual chooses what path to service that best suits their conscience. If we would serve God then service to humanity must not become a burden to us.

After the command to love God with all our hearts, the next to it is that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. Let’s imagine that every human chose to abandon their vocations and all turned to evangelists, would we have a society that works and actually grows? Each reader should expand on this last thought from here on, it is not a complete answer but it’s a good start.

As much as there is a need for the social and emotional development of humans, the human nature does not start and end with spiritual and non-physical issues. We live in a physical world.


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