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Do You Think Female Genital Mutilation Stops Promiscuity?

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A lot of religious books and folklore have contributed to the continuity of some barbaric practices. Some writers make reference to statements made by Jesus Christ while He was here on earth. A true leader who wants growth will not misuse the bible to defend terrible practices. I doubt He meant an actual act when he said: “…pluck it out!”

But humans, centuries later, decided to extend the mantra. “If the female genitalia would cause our daughters to sin, let’s help them chop it off!”

The World Health Organization defines female genital mutilation thus; “FGM is a procedure that involves partial or total removal of the external genitalia. It could also involve other injuries to the female genital organ for non-medical reasons.”

Mr. Ekeocha (Director of the Nations Orientation Agency) made some shocking disclosure in the Vanguard of 9th September 2015. He said there is about six states in Nigeria that still practice female genital mutilation1. This act has thrived majorly on culture and tradition with harmful outcomes for the victims.

Does this serve any purpose?

Some forefather in history thought in their wisdom that cutting off the clitoris would reduce promiscuity, probably hoping to bring up standards of sexual purity. Maybe a few women may have found this useful, those who having never experienced such pain before. It could have led some totaking vows of celibacy till their families shipped them off to their husbands’ houses. This was much to the delight of the forefathers who then agreed to initiate this ‘purified’ cutting at an earlier age.

 But, those forefathers, long gone, were ignorant and oblivious to the evil they were sentencing those females too. Research has shown that FGM, female genital mutilation, DOES NOT reduce promiscuity. ladies have a higher chance of sinking into depression, they find it difficult to be sexually aroused and reach orgasm. This is simply because what has been removed cannot be replaced. It is forever gone. So, when it is actually needed, there’s nothing.

 It is time to end this cowardly act. If you teach the right values, there would be no need taking an act so crude and evil. I have heard of broken glass, thin threads, and blunt knives, re-used and over-used razor blades, used in m mutilating these girls. It has to stop! Every lady has hormones that her responsible for her urges and desires. Self-control is a personal decision, The genitals are not at fault!

 After being told and taught what is right, any lady who still chooses the promiscuous path would have herself to blame.

But, no one should be allowed to torture and mar any female in the name of ‘protecting her from herself’.



Eunice Oladeji

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