by designedlife-


the horizon like a crumpled apology
is catching fire again

dear Ife,
i smell like your breath
most nights & when the lights
go off i become wet

dear Ife,
i want to write you a poem
you’ll like so much

in the opening line: my hand is a field
growing towards you
there is eternity in your eyes
don’t forget about me

dear Ife
i want to write you a poem
that blossoms without thorns
in painted lips
you are the book of psalms
i repeat
in my sleep

in my corner i listen to you –
sermon of fire
me – a hymnal of

dear Ife
i want to write about your shadow
& footsteps & how they echo
in the back alley of my skull
you are a brief meditation
on a short story
[let me] butterfly stroke for you in the
worst way
this heat makes me want to
touch things that are not mine
pretty jukebox
without you there’s holes in my soul




  1. Chinua

    Direct and filled with metaphors: a gentle way to plea for love.

    May . 05 . 17
  2. Chinua

    Sweet plea filled with metaphors and similes. Direct and direct.

    May . 05 . 17
  3. Roy

    “There is eternity in your eyes
    Don’t forget about me”

    These lines took me down memory lane. The entire poem is generously beautiful. It paints a picture of a longing, one I’m very painfully familiar with.

    May . 05 . 17
  4. Okafor Abigail Ekene

    This is a masterpiece, I so much love this. A beautiful plea for love

    May . 05 . 17
  5. Paterne Freeman Shadowriter

    Love, a strange feeling. That was a nifty way to plea. Nice piece of poetry.

    May . 05 . 17
  6. Dhee

    Ife is a Yoruba name which literarily means “love”. How apt, that this is a love poem to love. The metaphors are a bastion of imageries, and these imageries serve as the mirror through which we get to understand the depth of the poet persona’s feelings. A beautiful read, with a smooth intensity to it’s tempo and tone.

    May . 05 . 17
  7. Akin

    Good flow, beautiful metaphors, emotionally gripping in its desire and/or sense of longing for love. If I was Ife I would fall in love with this guy, but hey, I’m not even a girl. Brilliant still.

    May . 05 . 17
  8. Vasily Mikhailovich Doestovski

    Metaphors- check
    Imagery- check
    Enjambment- check

    This is what I call a poem.

    May . 05 . 17
  9. Akeredolu

    This is a very good work from a powerful poet. The diction is carefully selected to reveal a deep sense of adoration and reference for Ife. The metaphors are succulent and sweet.

    May . 05 . 17
  10. UZ

    This is a decent effort.

    May . 05 . 17
  11. teddy ugonna

    its beautifully woven;
    i love the free verse-wow.
    laid back lyrical poetry -echoing the strident pleas men offer to
    their would be loves;
    the poem sings ;
    i give it five stars.

    May . 05 . 17
  12. WL Winter

    I am a published poet in the US, and this poem strikes me as some of the best contemporary poetry I have read lately. This post displays a strikingly original use of language and metaphor, delivered with an unusual sensitivity. Poems like this make me want to read more of the author’s work!

    May . 05 . 17
  13. Brigitte Poirson

    A very moving poem filled with firy metaphors. Unrequited love is an infinite source of inspiration. These verses are a true source of poetry .

    May . 05 . 17
  14. Dilichukwu Alphonsus

    Great sense of appeal. It’s metaphor pierces through the emotional marrows. Wonderful!

    May . 05 . 17
  15. Nur Habib

    Love the simplicity of the words and the sensual imagery employed here. Ife has to pay attention to this heartfelt plea.

    May . 05 . 17
  16. Franklin

    dear ice, “my hand is a field growing towards you” what a genteel way to express love.

    love itself is a poem

    May . 05 . 17
  17. Don Cellini

    Beautiful opening line:the horizon like a crumpled apology
    is catching fire again.
    Many stunning images:my hand is a field
    growing towards you

    May . 05 . 17
  18. Yusuf Lekan

    I love this poem, written with metaphoric emotional feeling, an exceptional way to plead for love.

    May . 05 . 17
  19. Phanie A. Peters

    Lovely. Beautifully put together, avoided the usual dominant use of verbose grammar.
    Nicely done.

    May . 05 . 17
  20. Akpa Arinzechukwu

    Amazing. I believe “Ife” is love in Yoruba — I like the name and how the words allude. Great.

    May . 05 . 17
  21. Wale Ayinla

    This ribbon of love tied me to a kind of feeling I most wish. This is enthralling.

    May . 05 . 17

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