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Collaborate or Die

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Collaboration is essentially the lifeline of any entrepreneur. In essence, we can only rise by lifting others, by collaborating, by sharing, etc. Amazing brands are not a result of solo efforts, they thrive by joining forces to create brands that are beyond our imagination. It’s about letting go of the fear of losing control of our dreams and letting others teach us and help us grow.

Earlier on in my career, I decided that I couldn’t do it alone, even if I could. I have always believed in the power of collaboration. When I started Eleviv, I had wanted to go at it alone. I met with clients, designed their branding (alone), formulated strategies by myself. I realized pretty quickly that I was doomed to fail if I had continued being the QUEEN OF THE BALL. Although I wasn’t able to hire new talents, I collaborated with companies and individuals to help with areas in my business I wasn’t fit to master.


“Collaboration isn’t about giving up our individuality; it’s about realizing our greater potential.” ― Joseph Rain
Trying to be competent in all areas of your business puts you on a fast track to total BURN OUT. The most important thing is giving away some control so you can focus on what matters most.  Ideas are usually limited to one’s abilities when you go at it alone. But collaborating opens the doors of your business to innovation and exponential growth. You cannot afford to go on this entrepreneurial journey alone. It’s cold, and not too friendly to slackers. You need an amazing team, learn to outsource, give yourself time to focus on your core strengths.If for instance you’ve been commissioned to build a small house, and you gathered all of the materials to build this house, you have all of the master plan to build an amazing house however, your dreams were shattered because it took 3 years to complete. But If you were building the same home, and you have 10 people on your team. One can prepare the site, a second pour the foundation,  another the rough framing, the fourth person works on the plumbing, electrical and HVAC, the fifth installs the insulation, etc. You get the picture! Before long the home is ready to go and within a matter of months, it’s complete. There is strength in numbers, let that be your focus in the upcoming weeks.


Vivian Okojie



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