Abusive Relationships – Planning and Executing Your Getaway

Do not leave unprepared. Study and execute every detail of your getaway. This is especially important if your partner is violent. Be sure to make a Safety Plan – how to get out of the house unnoticed and the indispensable minimum items that you should carry with you, even on a short notice.

Here are the recommendations:

Long before you actually leave, copy all important documents and store them in a safe place. These include identity cards, health care, and insurance or security Cards, driver’s license/registration, credit cards, and bank cards, other personal identification (including picture ID), birth certificate, immunization card for the children, custody order, personal checkbook, last banking statement, and mortgage/property papers. Make a list of all computer passwords and access codes (for instance: ATM PINs).

When you leave the house, take with you these copied documents as well as the following personal items: prescribed medication, personal hygiene products, glasses/contact lenses, money (borrow from family members, a neighbour, colleague, or friends, if you have to), several changes of clothing (don’t forget night wear and underwear), heirlooms, jewellery, photo albums (pictures that you want to keep), craft, needle work, hobby work.

The situation is inevitably more complicated if you are fleeing with your children. In this case, be sure to bring with their various medications, soother, bottles, favorite toy or blanket, and clothing (again: night wear, underwear). Older kids may carry their own clothes and school books with you.

Make a list of the following and have it on you at all times: addresses and phone numbers of domestic violence shelters, police stations, NGOs, community social services, schools in the vicinity, major media, and address and phone and fax numbers of your lawyer. Secure a detailed public transportation map.

Your best bet is to apply to a shelter for a safe place to stay the first few days and nights. Or if you live in countries without shelters, contact an NGO and make plans ahead of time, also have backup shelter of someone your spouse does not know, so he won’t trace you there.

If you can afford to, your next step should be to hire a divorce attorney and file for interim custody. Your divorce papers can be served much later. Your first concern is to keep the children with you safely and legally. Your husband is likely to claim that you have kidnapped them. But your escape should be only the tip of a long period of meticulous preparations.jayakumar-ananthan-35134

We already mentioned that you should make copies of all important documents (see above). Don’t escape from your predicament penniless! Secretly put aside cash for an Escape Fund. Your husband is likely to block your checking account and credit cards. Ask around where you can stay the first week. Will your family or friends accept you? Apply to a domestic violence shelter and wait to be accepted. Be sure to know where you are going!

Make extra sets of keys and documents. Bundle these up with some clothes and keep these “reserve troves” with friends and family. Put one such “trove” in a safety deposit box and give the key to someone you trust. Secure transportation for the day or night of escape. Agree on codes and signals with friends and family (“If I don’t call you by 10 PM, something has gone wrong”, “If I call you and say that Raymond is home, call the police”).

If you can afford to, have a backup phone line that he does not know or have access to, toss out the sim to your regular line once you leave. You should wait until he is gone and only then leave home. Avoid confrontation over your departure. It can end badly. Do not inform him of your plans. Make excuses to slip away in the days and months before you actually leave. Get him used to your absence. We just want you ALIVE and SAFE, no man is worth DYING for.


This article is meant to be a general guide to planning your escape. It does not contain addresses, contacts, and phone numbers. It is not specific to one state or country. Rather, it describes options and institutions which are common the world over. You should be the one to “fill in the blanks” and locate the relevant shelters and agencies in your domicile.

Adultery and the side chick

Adultery: Why the side chick takes over.

A young man of 20-26 years is pining away somewhere as a result of sex deprivation. He does not want to commit sexual crimes, he also does not have the money to sustain a relationship. Relationships are becoming really expensive by the way, so he cannot just jump at any available girl. Nobody wants to wake up forty years later with the wrong woman. So he decides to visit the hooker, she is just the appropriate answer to his immediate needs. There is hardly a perfect sexual relationship before, during and after marriage (in case of divorce). The libidos either don’t match or someone is always tired.

When the need arises

Couples are sometimes separated for long, and there is always that crazy coworker that’s just available for a rump. Temptations to satisfy immediate needs are always going to plague the man’s life from before he marries till he does, statistics show that a lot of men resort to hookers, web cam models, porn and of course side chicks.

There is this viral video of a woman about side Chicks is quite humorous. The woman defends the side chick as a necessary evil that gives women the needed vacations from sexual duties. Truly a lot of married men complain about their wives who refuse them sex on grounds of being too tired. Women bear large portion of the family domestic duties, this stress problem should not come as a shock. So long as men continue to leave their wives to work like mules after office duties, they should accept “tired wives.” Eventually this means that women too would either have to device strong advocacy for their husbands to join with domestic work or else they should “outsource” the sex.


You will see women who even defend men who do nothing at home than watch TV. If this woman were a full time house wife, then that would probably not be too much of a problem because she may have had time to rest before the husband returns. How many homes can afford full time mothers? If women will continue to bear the bulk of domestic work while maintaining jobs, sex will eventually be outsourced with or without permission.

The man obviously has excess energy to expend, the woman is too tired to quench his parch, the man finds the little sex a torture and the side chick steps in with or without permission. The side chick is a woman that gets paid to do what a woman does at her almost non-existent leisure.  This payment may be formal as is the case with hookers or informal with the side chick. The chick has all the assets a woman should have and she can do it all, bare back, stripping, dripping, messy, exotic and so on.

The economic hustle in a lot of societies have made the side chick a popular vocation. Eventually a woman’s hard labour pays the bills of another woman who does exactly what she is supposed to do with her husband, this is the reality of the side chick. Women would eventually give some respect to these side chicks or get their husbands into the kitchen. You cannot eat your cake and have it.


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Source: https://img.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_606w/2010-2019/WashingtonPost/2017/08/12/Local/Images/_82A2982.jpg

Charlottesville is a plus count for White Supremacy, one down for humanity.

One day all of humanity will die, but should we also die while we live? This is the question Americans have debated over the previous weeks. The Charlottesville protest has unearthed too much bile and acrimony for comfort. It may seem that on of the greatest world economies is sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

White Supremacy

The events surrounding attacks on anti-semitism and anti white supremacy protesters have been ugly. It has left not less than three person dead and a lot more injured. The concern has not been much about the unfortunate incidence but the indecisive stance of the Trump administration. It’s been reported that a number of states have also joined Charlottesville in the move to bring down confederate statues. This decision has been motivated by the Charlottesville attack but will they not spiral into more of such clashes? German Lopex reports that “White supremacists went to Charlottesville to protest. The city planned to tear down confederate monuments, particularly a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The confederate statues have allegedly represented America’s history of black slavery and white supremacy. The move to pull them down was definitely going to strike some wrong cords. The American population may have been in denial of racism before now but this changes everything. It’s as glaring as day that there is still that toxic energy driven by difference in skin coloration.

Brene Brown on Charlottesville

This events have also seen a lot of thought leaders doing their best to lend a voice to humanity. Despite the disappointing response from President Trump, we can still have some joy after listening to someone like Brene Brown. The researcher and writer, has gone to great lengths to provide a video lecture on how to build a wholesome attitude in times like this. I would love to share some of the points she laid out briefly. Brene Brown says “own your story and don’t let your story own you.” I put that in simpler terms, stop living in denial. There is a need to empathize, connect and correct the effects of this historical mess.

It is easier said than done, and denial is natural human instinct. Most of us hide away from issues we secretly know are true. In Brene’s lecture I was able to pick out three major tools that everyone in Charlottesville should employ and they are as discussed.

3 tools for the White: own your story

  1. Privilege: These events require us to start to understand that privilege exists and it is those unearned rights that we have as residents or citizens of any society. Those things that you have access to without a fight or struggle, they are privileges and could be a result of your skin.
  2. Perspective taking: Brene Brown explains the need to accept people’s world view without questioning it’s authenticity. She says that we must see that that other person’s experience is just as real as ours and we don’t need to turn around and reject whatever experiences people claim to have due to their gender, race or social class.
  3. Power: this is the most important part of all our life experiences. We must open our hearts to seeing the destructive effect of powerlessness and how this could erupt into violence, depression and hate.

Brene Brown calls them the three (3) P’s. This is a message that needs to be strongly emphasized as part of awareness, if America will heal from these events and move forward. These conversations have continued to spiral into even more dissent and hate because there is little or no resolution. I hope this message shared on this platform would be our own drop of water in the ocean that will douse this raging flames. We also sympathize with the families of the dead and injured and hope that they find comfort in these difficult times.

singles are not failiures

Singles -Just Know That Failure Doesn’t Have a Hold On You

Failure isn’t your name. I don’t know what you are facing in this season of singleness, but I know I have faced times recently where thoughts of feeling like a failure would come. I took the time to pray about this next blog and I wanted to attack this issue. You are single and failure will try to come through different avenues in your life like a shadow. It will try to make you feel like you can’t keep going because of the opportunities in your past that didn’t work out or let’s say God didn’t allow them to work out. Failure doesn’t have a hold on you and if you look deeply into your life you will see that God has always shown out just for you.

You might have faced many circumstances in your life where you felt like you failed and didn’t even understand why that moment of your life was still lingering with you in your mind. I wanted to see what the word failure actually meant.

Failure means:

Lack of success
A falling short
One that has failed

Have you recently experienced moments where it seems like your God given dream is taking so long and opportunities that you thought were from God slammed in your face? Have you felt like you are falling short from the word of God sometimes or even your own responsibilities? Are you still harboring resentment from people in your past and you can’t seem to shake it off? The Lord knows what you will face and what you have faced. Did you know he took even your failure or even strong feelings of failure on the cross of Calvary? (Colossians 2:14)

I believe that this season is a time to take all of your questions and even moments where you felt like a failure to God. He wants to take even times like this to show you his great love for you. (Romans 8:31-29) Failure can’t stop you even when you feel like you don’t know what to do with it when it tries to creep up on you. Failure doesn’t define who you are. God defines who you are. I also believe that God wants you to know who you are when failure tries to belittle you. Start looking at yourself and even your circumstances through the word of God.

See as God Sees

I have had opportunities in my own life that either the doors were closed or God allowed them to remain shut. I kept thinking and trying to find a solution, but realized that God wanted me to know that he was deeply in control. When we know God is in control we don’t have to be afraid of failure. When we know who we are in Christ failure is looked through a different lens. Here are 8 points to help you look at failure through the right perspective.

Failure doesn’t define you. Christ does. (2 Corinthians 5:21)
Failure doesn’t have to control your next steps. (Proverbs 16:9)
Failure isn’t going to stop the plan God has for your life. (Jeremiah 29:11)
Failure can’t oppress you when you stand on the word of God. (Isaiah 54:14)
Failure doesn’t have to depress you. (Psalm 43:5)
Failure can be a learning tool. (James 1:5)
Failure can’t break you. (Jeremiah 23:29)
Failure has nothing on Christ. (John 16:33)

Take a deep breath during your single journey and take the time to look through each scripture. Let it bring a new perspective to you and help you combat failure when it comes. Remember, you aren’t alone in this walk with the Lord. Christ has conquered failure and you are one with the Lord.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
the right person is your choice

​Help! I think I married the wrong person.

It’s everyone’s desire to have a great relationship, we all want to love and be loved. We grow up with the notion that God is love and anyone who does not have God cannot love, this may be a misconception. Why do we always drag God into our mess? I think it is the instinctive nature of man to avoid taking responsibility. After the initial euphoria of love, courtship, and wedding, we may start asking “did God choose the wrong person for me?”.

Adam pointed at Eve and she pointed at the snake,  humans have always wanted any other person to be responsible for our choices. If it is not the Devil plaguing us then it is God who has left us. Love is a choice, it is a conscious decision we make about people. It is not just some fleeting emotion that can be attributed to some moment of indiscretion.

Most of us have thought long and hard before choosing who we love to spend the rest of our lives with, we cannot ignore those choices. We have a responsibility to nurture this choice and make them work.
There are some questions which I would hope you can evaluate with your spouse or partner, maybe it would help you pull through a faltering relationship.

These questions would also bring you back to the path of responsibility:

1. Why did you choose Him/Her: be honest about this, understand what was your “selling point”. You must have seen a deal maker, something that assured you about your future with them.

2. How did you picture the future: sometimes, a little deviation from the future we planned could create that vacuum. Take a reality check whenever you feel you are missing out on a lot more by being with that person.

3. God’s plan for you: clarify it again, does your partner still contribute in any way? Are they gifted with abilities that complement your walk with God?

You may be allowing emotions to cloud your judgment, tough times don’t last. The first step in repentance or recovery is taking responsibility. Stop giving excuses and shifting blame, own up to the failure and let God step in.

good profile source image: Photo by Michael Henry on Unsplash

A huge lesson on building a good social profile for business transaction

Why do people get defrauded online, is it because they were not careful enough? Maybe not. Actually, you are absolutely normal for not trusting your social media contacts, it’s money we are talking about here! A social profile is a great asset in times like this.
I know how it feels when you have paid for a service or product online and the other end of the line just goes cold. It stings! But we still fall for these games over and over again. Sometimes a virtual romance get’s nasty and you lose money. Someone promises to meet you someday and they also shower you with so much love and it’s exciting. You lose hard cash.

Yea it hurts

Sometimes the offer just seems too good to be true. You hear of this opportunity to make some extraordinary profit through some financial platform or the other. People fall for these things. A lot of Nigerians lost their money on a Ponzi WhatsApp group sometime early in the year.
It feels bad when people ignore a genuine offer of business product or service but fall for frauds. Really it could be frustrating to see people fall for these things while they would not spend a dime to purchase your offer, especially when these people are your friends or family.
Let’s say you offered a friend brand coaching session and they did not take it. Later this friend comes online to complain that they lost money to frauds. I would feel bad, and I know you would feel bad too. I may laugh too just to make the friend feel bad.   This is why you need to understand why your social contacts trust the wrong sets of people and how you can help them trust you.

My Story

I wanted to take a flight some weeks back and I knew it would take me a lot of time to go all around the city looking for options to book a flight at the best price. I messaged a friend on facebook who had told me about her job as a travel agent. The available fight options my friend listed tallied with my personal research. I knew she was giving me the right information about the airlines I could follow. The figures I had also seen were the exact same figures she was quoting.
I knew I could transfer the funds which were a total of one forty-five thousand naira and there would be no way to find her. We had never met. She must have felt my hesitation because she started to give me directions to other outlets near me to carry out the transaction. However, like I said, I did not want to go through all the stress. So I did a few things to confirm all I knew about her.

Quick checks most people follow

1.  I checked her pictures and saw her at work and with her child which she had mentioned to me. I saw these pictures over a stretch of a few years and ticked that as a plus for her.

2. The comments under posts can help a lot. There is a way real life family and friends respond to you on social media and it’s different from how facebook contacts respond to you. This is why you should not block everyone who knows you offline from your social account.

3. I saw people who had vouched for her in one contest or the other. Sometimes get involved in contests that may not be in line with your work; writing contests, quizzes, challenges, games. These are things that real people do, so doing them online makes you a little more real.

4. I looked at how much of her personality was reflected in her posts. Sometimes the things we share about our personal struggles, they allow people connect with us better and the more people can find you to be real, the higher the chances of them doing business with you.

5. You should also buy things online sometimes, let your friends know that you are willing to risk doing business with them and this will be reciprocated. A few weeks before I had to pay for this flight, this friend had bought some of my books and even enrolled in a writing class I organized and this sealed my deal with her that day.

Then Deals Get Done

After I had quickly done all these evaluation and thinking, I transferred the fund knowing that it was a risk but a very minimal one. It’s never guaranteed offline or online that you will not be defrauded. There are people who setup fraudulent businesses in the streets, they look genuine and people fall for them. I see no reason why anyone should avoid business online because we fear being defrauded.
However, you as a brand can help your contacts by building a profile that actually gives all the incentives for trust. You can get more clients and get paid online by helping people trust you.

Thanks for taking time off to read this, now you can share this with friends and also join the Designed life classes on Brand and Self Development.

class is not waste: Photo by Hans Eiskonen on Unsplash

​The difference between waste and taste is class, spend on yourself just a little. 

Do you frequently have that feeling that you have just wasted a lot of money on a pair of new shoes, and you feel guilty that such money could have been used to feed the poor? Pause! even Jesus did not turn back the jar of expensive perfume. He understood time, seasons, occasions and most especially, class.

You don’t agree?

Humour me a bit, would you have been happy to know the messiah died smelling of cheap perfume? Or that he was dumped in a shallow grave with little or no ceremony? Of course, Jesus would still have risen but I think that would have been the worst kind of damage to theology. More people would be enslaved to the fear of spending. Sometimes it’s alright to take your hard earned money and spend it on things that make you happy no matter how frivolous they seem, you deserve it!

Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) wears gray tee shirts almost every time? Yes you knew but something you don’t know is that these tiny pieces of beauty costs him $400 apiece and that’s because he buys them in bulk from the Brunello Cucinello brand. Ordinarily he would be spending $700 apiece. His sweatshirts are Brunello Cucinelli as well and are priced from $3,000!

class source image https://fbnewsroomde.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/mark-zuckerberg-headshot.jpg

Wouldn’t you call that a good waste of money? Hold up! 

Mark with his wife have also since 2015 pledged to donate 99 percent of their current Facebook shares — around $45 billion in total — to charity. Now beat that! Doesn’t he deserve a $400 tee-shirt?  Sometimes,  it’s not just because we have also done a lot of good with money but because our taste has improved over time.
This is why it is not advisable to judge people because of their spending habit. Most times our own spending habits are more of a result of necessity and not because we want to spend so cheaply.

There is that temptation to judge others for spending so much on clothes, houses, cars and other things that make them feel good. We not only close doors for ourselves by annihilating ourselves from the company of others, we also live with a lot of low self esteem and guilt.

So what are the immediate and most visible results of this repressive lifestyle?

1.  Self annihilation: you begin to fear the company of people who can choose to spend based on their level of income.

2. Resentment: You find it difficult to be  happy when other people seem to be celebrating something that gives them joy.

 3. Low self esteem: the chances that anyone who sees class as wastage would have low self esteem is very high. The truth is, you can never know the story behind other people’s taste and choices, it is not your place to feel intimidated by their lifestyle but you will be because you have judged them.

4. Guilt: eventually when you have an opportunity to spend on yourself and your family, it becomes a struggle with guilt and you lose the joy of these moments.
The expectation of every human is to grow in class, it is not desirable to remain within the same spending limit, year in and year out. The ability to embrace each level of financial freedom you attain relies a lot on your understanding of this simple truth “the difference between waste and taste, is class.”
I hope you get to grow in class, spending limit and finances. If you want to know a little bit more about how you can achieve more financially and live a happier life, you can join the Designed life academy on the 21 days of Fearless journey. Thanks for reading.

I Hear America Singing; Happy Independence Day!

I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear, 

Those of mechanics, each one singing his as it should be blithe and strong, 
The carpenter singing his as he measures his plank or beam, 
The mason singing his as he makes ready for work, or leaves off work, 
The boatman singing what belongs to him in his boat, the deckhand singing on the steamboat deck, 
The shoemaker singing as he sits on his bench, the hatter singing as he stands, 
The wood-cutter’s song, the ploughboy’s on his way in the morning, or at noon intermission or at sundown, 
The delicious singing of the mother, or of the young wife at work, or of the girl sewing or washing, 
Each singing what belongs to him or her and to none else, 
The day what belongs to the day—at night the party of young fellows, robust, friendly, 
Singing with open mouths their strong melodious songs.


Source: Selected Poems (1991)

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash
Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash



Photo by Luke Braswell on Unsplash
Photo by Luke Braswell on Unsplash


Photo by Alondra Olivas on Unsplash
Photo by Alondra Olivas on Unsplash




The Perfect way to be a Jack Of All Trades, I do it well so….

You may be familiar with the saying, “Jack of all trades and master of none.”

Well, I say, “Hooey.” That’s right. In fact, let me say it again. “Hooey.” It is perfectly possible to be a multi-passionate person and do several things well. Many, even. I’m a writer, a mother, a chef, a friend, an entrepreneur. Sometimes not all at the same time, but I do them all, and do them all well. But I think one reason many people can’t do many things well or think other people can’t, is a lack of creativity.

It takes a lot of gumption to juggle two small kids, a deadline on an article, a pan of spaghetti, and a friend who wants to talk about a problem at work.

It takes, even more, gumption, and creativity, to juggle five projects, and those same two kids and that same friend.

Sometimes the creativity is required to figure out how you can manage one thing later. “Eric, I know you want to show your new game to me right now, but actually, I’ve been asleep for about an hour. Could we do it in the morning?”

Sometimes the creativity is figuring out how to handle two projects at once. “Hmmm. If I write an article on creativity and writing, I could use it in my writing ezine AND my creativity ezine.

Sometimes the creativity is in finding a sensitive way to say, “I can’t right now.” “Son, I know you want to play badminton. I have an abscessed tooth and can’t move my head. How about Old Maid on the bed instead?”

And sometimes the creativity is just in remembering that these are people, things, and situations you love and want to enjoy, and then going and enjoying them. Let me TEACH YOU how to maximize what you can do.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

4 Points To Help You Navigate During Your Single Season

There are times during your single season where you will have to look beyond what you see. It’s easy to say that you enjoy your single season when all is going well, but when your life gets difficult it’s not as easy. I strongly believe that you have to embrace what is in front of you. You have to embrace the season you are in by looking at God as your focus. When you focus on your circumstances it will cause you to not take hold of what God wants to do in your life. Your single season doesn’t have to be perfect, but you can love the journey. I know you may not always like it, but you can enjoy YOU. You can navigate this season with grace and power. You can learn lessons about yourself that can only be learned when you surrender every ounce of your life to God. You can’t view the world as your guide and God. You have to use the word of God as your guide because he can see what you can’t see.
In my own season of singleness, I am learning that the word of God has to be my foundation. As I am seeking the Lord I am noticing that there are areas of my foundation that needs to be built back up and established. I pray that you would look at your personal walk with God and break apart your habits. Take time to break apart your choices and your heart. Take time to see what motivates you and figure out how to love you more. Take time to figure out how to be selfless and compassionate. Don’t just try to make it through your single season because that isn’t the purpose. You have to pick up each lesson no matter how hard or how easy. You have to store it and cultivate it. God doesn’t waste your pain or even waste your high moments. He uses it to pull his calling out of you and he teaches you to trust him as you walk through this season. You can’t trust God only when everything’s going right in your life. If you do this you will never understand what truly trusting God means. God doesn’t want you to feel like you are forgotten during this walk or left alone. You might be single right now and you still feel like you don’t even know what to really do during this season.


Here are 4 points that can help you navigate during your season of singleness.

1. Use the word of God
Some of us are not walking in power and authority in this season because we are constantly looking for people to help us every second. God wants us to use his word as a weapon against the enemy. We must pick up that Bible. God wants his children to use the word of God as a tool for every question we have and even for comfort. We can’t just expect to walk in this season with peace when we haven’t even taken the time to pull out the word of God. We have to take the time out to meditate on the word of God and speak it. The word of God is powerful when we use it and speak it. We must apply it and call on the Lord every single day. (Hebrews 4:12)

2. Have many conversations with God
Don’t just have one conversation with God and expect to just be at peace for the rest of your single season. God wants to have deep long conversations with you. He wants to talk with you and have fun with you. Yes, God wants to have fun with you! He doesn’t want to just rush you through your single season and not teach you something. Start asking the Lord questions and start learning what it means to just sit with him. God wants to do stuff with you and he wants you to acknowledge him in all you do. (Proverbs 3:6)

3. Don’t allow challenges during this season to stop you
We all face many hard challenges. I wish I could tell you that you will get out of them at a specific time. God doesn’t want you to face each situation alone. Take time to fall on your face with God. Take time to have quiet time with God even during rough times. Don’t allow the enemy to confuse you or make you think that God is causing you all of this pain. During your season of singleness, you need time to get away with the Lord. You can’t just sit in this season and not go into your prayer closet or prayer area. You can’t do this season by yourself. You must hear from the Lord during this special season. You must look at what is going right in this season. He has wisdom and answers for you as you seek him. (Matthew 6:33)

4. Do God fearing productive activities
Sometimes, people think waiting on God in this season means doing nothing. No! Seek and pray with the Lord. Ask him to show you Bible activities and groups. Spend time with God fearing friends and work on your talents. Spend time with God daily and watch Christian shows to get you closer to the king. Find ways to help and volunteer with your community. Help your church and don’t just think about yourself. God isn’t slow in coming. He wants you to move forward into your destiny. If you don’t know where to start just ask him. Wait on his answers and he will reveal to you the answers you need while you wait on him.

I pray that each point will help you navigate better in this season. You shouldn’t be bored at all. God has a plan that is beyond your understanding. Use each point to help you as you walk with the Lord in this season. You can also JOIN the 21 days of FAITH challenge, it’s FREE.