Losses are part of life



A loss is the exact opposite of profit. Profit is said to be the benefit that yields from things we’ve dedicated out time, passion, money and so many others things that are precious to us. Loss, on the other hand, is defined as that thing, person, contract, non-living things you lose.

There is some indispensable significance of losses, there are some things you have to let go in your life. It doesn’t mean you are not determined to have that thing or pursue it in life, it only means you can everything good to yourself alone.

In the principle of life, bad things happen to both the good and the bad. The principle of life does not distinguish anyone saint in the journey called life. Good people die, bad people die, good people experience accidents, bad people do as well, good people cry, bad people also cry. A phenomenon question people have cultivated the habit of saying is that “why do bad thing happen to good people?’. And my answer is, “the principle of life doesn’t know if you are good or not, only human distinguish between the good and the bad.

Now, talking about losses, the good people also experience losses in the journey called life. The road to stardom tells more about this topic. Life is hard, success is hard. You have to give it all your best, and at times, your best may not really work out.

Moving on to the past, research has proven it that almost every successful person has some past (clean or dirty), but you don’t get to know they do not until they tell you about it. What helped? Was it that easy for them? Do they have pains you’ve got? Do they have stigmas as well? Of course, they only applied the principle of letting go. The fact about past is, the most you reminiscence on it, it makes you lose focus of the future.

10 indispensable significance of losses.

  1. It makes you strong: Those that have battled with so many stigmas in life are always strong to face the future. In the actual sense of letting go, such person becomes stronger than before. When you have experienced some things in your life, to face such occurrence in the future would never make you inferior but superior.
  2. The act of letting go becomes an innate habit for you: You find it very easy to let go of some other thing too, because you have once tasted the sourness of letting go.
  3. More experienced: One of the major significance of losses to mankind is that it makes more experienced. For instance, if it was to be a business loss, it is of veracity that that loss would make one thinks very well before dabbling into another.
  4. You understand life better, the realities of life reveal itself to you.
  5. You look for so many alternatives to move on
  6. It makes you think big.
  7. You become a motivator to others. You will become a godfather to other young and aspiring entrepreneur.
  8. You become more creative than before.
  9. Losses open other means. It proves Martin Luther King right in one of his quote. He said and I quote “difficulties shouldn’t mar you, let it make you”.
  10. It makes you trace your step back to your path. At times, the main reason why something fails in our lives is a result of we deviating from focus, and no man gets to the top without having focus.
tolerance the different pieces on the board

Tolerance: a necessary spice for lasting marriage

I once stayed with three other ladies in a room for a month; it’s an experience worth remembering anytime and any day. It seems so difficult for ladies of the different race to stay in the same room for something close to a month without causing chaos and nursing grudges but I stayed with these ladies peacefully.

The magic was just tolerance. We tolerated each other’s shortcomings, tolerated each other’s faults, we tolerated each other’s wrongs, etc. The number of things we had in common could not measure up to the ones we didn’t have in common. That ought to have caused so much noise in the room every day.

Where am I heading to? What am I trying to deduce? It is simple. It is straight. The tolerance we apply in a relationship would no doubt make so life works out well. We don’t find so many things easy; we are all tolerating them and each other.

Tolerance in marriage is very important and very significant.

It makes the partners understand themselves and give the deserved respect to one another. The husband snores, you don’t snore and you don’t like it. The wife doesn’t cook some food because it makes her vomit, and those are the ones you like. The husband likes the light on at night, you don’t like it. You wife likes the fan on, you don’t. If care is not taken, this husband and wife cannot live happily.

This is when tolerance comes in, you must be able to tolerate one another to avoid frequent scuffle. Strive to make peace at every slight mistake and apologise almost immediately. So far the both of you were not raised by the same parent, you should expect differences. Children that were nursed and tutored by the same parent don’t behave the same way; so, don’t expect that from those that were raised by different parents.

Tolerance shouldn’t come in some aspects in marriage; let it work in all aspects of marriage. The best of marriages you see are not perfect; they only tolerate those things divorced couples couldn’t tolerate. You have to learn to tolerate some shortcomings from your partner if you want a peaceful marriage. Human beings are not perfect, your imperfection cannot look appealing to everyone but it must definitely look to your partner and let it vice versa.



Are you reading and posting worthy content on social media?

Are you reading and posting worthy content on social media? 5 tips to switch up your online commentary.

(BPT) – From awards shows to politics and sporting events, the beginning of the year is packed with comment-worthy moments. Many of us take these opportunities to share what we think are the smartest, sharpest and snarkiest takes and project online to our friends and beyond.

But as these major moments happen, are you really posting and reading content that’s worth your smartphone data? Follow this checklist from Straight Talk Wireless to ensure you’re delivering a dose of straight talk when it comes to the hottest trending topics on social media.

1. Politics. We all know social media is the unofficial debate stage and with the recent election, you may have taken a stance yourself. Did you confidently craft your argument or did your post begin with, “Now, I don’t usually post about politics, but…”? If so, take a moment to question why not. Save yourself the long-winded debate with your distant relative and post a picture of a puppy instead.

2. Breakfast grams. Getting ready to post a shot of that delicious breakfast of yours? This one’s easy: don’t. No one really enjoys a photo of a soggy egg sandwich. Use your camera to capture something more meaningful instead – like the group of friends you’re out to eat with.


3. Sweet talk. Posting about your significant other is like an action movie with too many sequels. The first one was great, but after the second and the third we all just want to move on. Keep the romance to yourselves and save the public displays of affection for anniversaries or birthdays.


4. Baby photos. Recently welcome a new little bundle of joy to your family? See sweet talk above. We all want to see your little one and gush over a few sporadic photos. But we don’t need a play-by-play of their potty-training conundrums draining our data. Post away when they’re first born and check in with us again for the next holiday.


5. Celebrity gossip. Debating who wore it best on the red carpet? Losing it over news that your favorite pop artist is having twins? So are a lot of other people. So mix it up. Tap those copywriting or photo editing skills to wow us with your sharpest take or hilarious meme. If a certain actresses’ dress looks like a giant pizza on the red carpet, let us know. We’ll probably agree with you.

Unique Ideas to be Gutsier in Life

Being human takes guts, but a sense of bold confidence doesn’t come easily for everyone and often requires you to start from the inside. You may need to overcome mental roadblocks and bulldoze through personal physical barriers that have held you back.

Now is the perfect time to break free of those internal boundaries and challenge yourself to live boldly and bravely. Here are some ideas to unlock your potential from the inside out, allowing you to live gutsier at any age:

Start with a gut check

To be your best self and have the “guts” to tackle whatever lies ahead, get your gut in check and reap the glory. According to a recent Renew Life survey, three out of four women (72 percent) report that they’ve experienced occasional digestive issues in the past 12 months, such as bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Not only may these all be signs your gut is in need of replenishment and balance, but they’re enough of a reason to sit on the sideline rather than experience a new adventure.

Nutrition experts like Ellie Krieger, RD, host of “Ellie’s Real Good Food” show and author of several healthy cookbooks, agree that one of the most efficient and impactful ways to bring balance to the digestive tract for better digestive and immune health is with a daily probiotic like Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics, recommended for their blends of multiple strains and billions of live cultures, which reflects the natural diversity in the gut.

Try something new

When you try something you’ve never done before, it stimulates the body and mind. Don’t worry about failure — just keep an open mind and have fun. No matter the outcome, you’ll create lifelong memories.

For example, even if you aren’t crafty, sign up for a pottery class. Always wondered about yoga? Take an intro session. Want to make new friends? Attend that community function. When you get outside your comfort zone, you may be surprised just how much fun you have.

Eat new foods

Expand your nutritional palate with healthy items that aren’t staples on your daily menu — mix them with dishes you know and try them a couple of times. Training your brain to recognize new flavors and smells requires multiple exposures, and proximity to familiar favorites helps make things safe by association. You never know what might become your next favorite dish.

Some healthy foodie trends you may want to try to include sea vegetables like dulse, a seaweed, and items that include probiotic cultures, such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, and yogurt. You might even consider signing up for a cooking class to learn new skills in the kitchen.

Take a spontaneous PTO day

Americans wasted 658 million paid vacation days, according to Project: Time Off’s State of American Vacation 2016 report. That means more than half of workers (55 percent) left vacation time unused. Don’t let precious time off slip away, and take a mental health day.

Call in on a random day and give yourself the gift of an unplanned day off. Maybe it’s a particularly nice day and you can go hiking or you can surprise your best friend with lunch on her birthday. Take a “me day” and enjoy.

Reflect on and be a role model

Who do you admire for their guts? Is it someone famous or someone close to you? Think about what they do that inspires you. If you can, tell them why. For example, write your mom a letter about how she’s impacted your life. It’s sure to make her day.

While thinking about role models, reflect on how you can be a better one yourself. Whether you hope to inspire your friends, children or co-workers, be the best you that you can be. Always stand up for what you believe in and be true to yourself. One way to do this is to donate to a cause close to your heart.

Challenge yourself

Need extra motivation for living gutsier? Join a fun challenge that can both guide you plus provide a sense of community and support. Sign up for a 5K with a friend or commit your family to meatless Mondays for a month. When you do challenges in groups, it can be a lot of fun.

Check out the Renew Life Guts & Glory 14-Day Gut Challenge at www.RenewLife.com/gutchallenge that will bring balance to your gut; and as a result, live the life you’ve always dreamed of. The challenge will provide plenty of ideas to #getgutsy and stay healthy, and one lucky sweepstakes winner will receive $2,500 to put toward any gutsy endeavor they choose (sweepstakes from April 6 – May 19, 2017).

obesity could make a girl sad

Obesity is Not always a Choice, Little Known Facts about your weight.

” fatty, blown-up ball, round drum…”
The words kept echoing in Kate’s head as she rode the bus home. Tears stung her eyes. It was her second week in the new school and the taunting had already begun. Her parents had changed her school every time the taunting had gotten serious.
“Excuse me”
Kate looked up at the tall, slim blonde talking to her and wondered why she could not be like her.
“Excuse me, you are occupying extra space. Do you mind shifting just a little so I can sit?”

Despite the politeness, the tears still came. Kate could not understand where she was supposed to shift her 80kg body.
Back at home, Kate took note of the extra wide doors, large sofas, king sized beds and realized they were not there just because her family was rich but also because all of them in her family were either overweight or obese. Her mood worsened when her mom greeted her as, “chubby little angel”.
This is the same story for the 43million obese children worldwide as at 2010. The number should have increased much more seven years later. These ones suffer from obesity, a term now officially a disease.

The cause of obesity is multifactorial;

1. Genetics
2. Environment
3. Developmental processes

Genetics is probably one that most people can’t escape from. This is why most children of obese parents also become obese. Although, it is not always the case as some children actually escape the obesity gene and with efforts on their environment, they retain a fit stature. Meanwhile, some others get obese outside any genetic influence. This is acquired obesity, which could be physiologic or pathologic. That is, it could be because of some environmental factors (diet, physical activity, lifestyle) or some ongoing disease. Developmental processes include formula feeding during infancy and this is because of the high protein content of formula feeds,

Developmental processes include formula feeding during infancy and this is because of the high protein content of formula feeds, a diet rich in fat and fast sugars and sedentary lifestyle. These factors are often within your control and can be dealt with. Conscious effort to be mindful of your diet and taking out time to exercise daily are good preventive measures against obesity. They are also the first steps to take for those who are already obese.

Diseases that could induce obesity include certain syndromes (e.g Downs syndrome), tumors in the brain, endocrine problems (e.g Cushing’s disease) and use of some drugs (e.g insulin). With treatment/management of these diseases, there is often a reversal of weight.
There is no need to be anorexic or extremely thin such that the wind would blow you off. But, shedding excess fat would do a lot of good physically, psychologically and socially.

self medication is wrong

Africans take Self Medication too Far, This is becoming a dangerous Trend. 

Some rowdy motor park west of Nigeria’s South, Lol. There is someone’s mother waiting to buy some concoction and she thinks it cures all ailments. You can apply it in baths and drink some of it. You can chew on it or rub some on the baby’s rash, you can stick some in that swollen sore. Sometimes you just swallow the whole pack, are these not enough signs that self-medication has no checks? It works in every way imaginable, also for everything that ails you.

There is a lot of good culture African mothers pass to their children. More importantly, mothers perpetuate folklore and keep history alive. Many of us enjoyed ijapa and Yanibo stories from our mothers who were told by their mothers. This is one evidence of the fact that the survival of the black race relies a lot on the woman. Whatever needs to be passed on moves faster through women and the sp.


Self Medication May Never end?

Against this backdrop, we need to fear the continuity of self-medication. This has silently become a part of our culture, women and daughters find it so convenient to stock pills in their bags. You would meet an average Nigerian girl and ask her for Paracetamol. She will pull out a sack full of pills. A lot of girls are mobile pharmacies. This is learned from years of helping mummy refill, inspect and evaluate her stock of self-medication.

G Arikpo et al. had a lot to say about the terrible nature of this plague, Africans may die more from eating every drug they find than poverty. This study was carried out in Crossover Nigeria:

Self-medication in rural Africa has reached a crisis state, and people take anything as treatment. Even potentially toxic substances are taken as remedies. 99.4% of respondents relied on self-medication, while 0.6% consulted physicians. A wide range of substances such as herbs, antibiotics, ash, kerosene, and petrol, are used as remedies, and no specific drugs are used for specific ailments. This depicts a confusing state of folk medicine in rural Africa.

In Recent News

Top celebrities get into a lot of conflicting social media outrage, in a recent story, a top Nigerian blogger got lashed on social media for self-medicating. Sometimes we think maybe if Africa were more educated, we blame the slow pace of development. However,  it seems the popularity of self-medication goes beyond a case of illiteracy or lack of exposure. The cases of wrong medication, misuse and self-medication cut across various social classes and it shows a need for caution and awareness.

Africans are already endangered a lot, self-medication is quite addictive from the little I have seen. A lot of women become dependent on some particular pill, this process is unconscious but it sticks. This does not need a lab scientist or machine results to be seen for the danger it portends, continuous exposure to chemicals cannot be healthy and we need to speak against this any chance we get.

Porn has a Big Impact on Mental Capacity and Productivity

Years back I would intentionally stumble on porn sites,  I could be there for hours after that.

It was hard enough when porn was sold in VCD and DVD,  getting the right “stuff” could be very difficult. A lot of us got addicted to porn for some few reasons:

1.  Curiosity.
2.  Unsupervised internet surfing.
3.  Lack of intimacy.

A lot of experts have written on porn addiction. The major part I want to address in this post is the way it affects learning. I was a serious night reader as an undergraduate and also struggling with porn addiction. One of the toughest battles I had to fight was my consequential habit of blaming any academic lapse on the habit I had.

Religion Tags You
From the religious perspective,  a porn addict in most cases rarely gets the support of his peers which he requires to break the habit. Young student “Pastors” would spend hours preaching about the “sinful” nature of it. Many of them felt they could overcome their own struggles with it by being a constant condemnation to others.

I believe it worked for some but at the cost of constantly reminding others of their inabilities and indirectly weakening their resolve. It may seem “spiritual” to condemn people who are stuck to their screens but it eventually enslaves them the more.

The fact that porn is condemned as such a “total demon”,  most people associate God’s displeasure to porn. Then they go ahead to associate their failures to God’s displeasure.

Porn does not reduce your brain capacity. What it may do is:
1. Make you lose hours.
2. Induced fatigue,  from sleepless nights of looking for more erotic materials.
3. Increases your anxieties and reduces your capacity to handle anxiety.
4. Porn comes with mental and emotional strain.
5. It lowers self-esteem and ability to socialize.

The five points I have listed are the few things I personally noted those times,  I was smart and graduated as the second best in my class. As an undergraduate,  I excelled with my brains.

Now,  I have come to understand that porn is one of the evil things social media has helped to build. It affects people in so many ways,  the fact that I could read well and pass my exams does not mean porn did not make me less productive. It made life very difficult and unbearable for me,  I always felt hypocritical. I felt dirty and lost confidence,  these are issues that could decimate an excellent student’s passion or drive.

Your brain may not be roasted by porn but it sets you on a path of self-judgment. It makes you lose a sense of direction,  especially when you have set high standards of living for yourself. It is good to listen to your heart and break that porn habit. I have not always been strong but I have understood that academic excellence is limited if I cannot face my fears (porn addiction) and I am happy I kicked the addiction while in university. Next time you want to read or do some office work and the temptation to surf porn creeps on you, just think about all the productive hours you are about to waste.