genital mutilation and the myths

Do You Think Female Genital Mutilation Stops Promiscuity?

A lot of religious books and folklore have contributed to the continuity of some barbaric practices. Some writers make reference to statements made by Jesus Christ while He was here on earth. A true leader who wants growth will not misuse the bible to defend terrible practices. I doubt He meant an actual act when he said: “…pluck it out!”

But humans, centuries later, decided to extend the mantra. “If the female genitalia would cause our daughters to sin, let’s help them chop it off!”

The World Health Organization defines female genital mutilation thus; “FGM is a procedure that involves partial or total removal of the external genitalia. It could also involve other injuries to the female genital organ for non-medical reasons.”

Mr. Ekeocha (Director of the Nations Orientation Agency) made some shocking disclosure in the Vanguard of 9th September 2015. He said there is about six states in Nigeria that still practice female genital mutilation1. This act has thrived majorly on culture and tradition with harmful outcomes for the victims.

Does this serve any purpose?

Some forefather in history thought in their wisdom that cutting off the clitoris would reduce promiscuity, probably hoping to bring up standards of sexual purity. Maybe a few women may have found this useful, those who having never experienced such pain before. It could have led some totaking vows of celibacy till their families shipped them off to their husbands’ houses. This was much to the delight of the forefathers who then agreed to initiate this ‘purified’ cutting at an earlier age.

 But, those forefathers, long gone, were ignorant and oblivious to the evil they were sentencing those females too. Research has shown that FGM, female genital mutilation, DOES NOT reduce promiscuity. ladies have a higher chance of sinking into depression, they find it difficult to be sexually aroused and reach orgasm. This is simply because what has been removed cannot be replaced. It is forever gone. So, when it is actually needed, there’s nothing.

 It is time to end this cowardly act. If you teach the right values, there would be no need taking an act so crude and evil. I have heard of broken glass, thin threads, and blunt knives, re-used and over-used razor blades, used in m mutilating these girls. It has to stop! Every lady has hormones that her responsible for her urges and desires. Self-control is a personal decision, The genitals are not at fault!

 After being told and taught what is right, any lady who still chooses the promiscuous path would have herself to blame.

But, no one should be allowed to torture and mar any female in the name of ‘protecting her from herself’.


Cancer and self examination practices

Cancer Prevention; Self Examination Tips for Women

We all hate cancer but the embarrassing position it puts some women makes it hard to achieve early diagnosis and treatment. A lot of us feel uncomfortable during medical examinations, conducting a physical examination on a female is one of the most awkward moments for male doctors. But that moment is even more awkward for the female who is torn between reassuring the male doctor to go on with the examination because she needs it and shouting caution in her mind so that no untoward act goes unnoticed.

Once a woman presents sick to a doctor, the least he can do is ask you questions answer your questions and examine. For the doctor, it is a call of duty which could lead to litigations if neglected. Apart from routine medical checkups, screening, and antenatal sessions; women can limit the awkward moments. The process of self-examination may not be too easy but with the right information, it could be simple. Every woman should know some of the basic things to watch out for and avoid too many hospital visits. E-libraries and information sources are now at our fingertips, we do ourselves a great disservice if we remain ignorant by choice.

Cancers have gained widespread popularity because of their high mortality rate and the reduction in quality of life for those trying to fight it. In as much as the specific causes of cancers are not known, there are certain predisposing/risk factors. Thus, it is only wise to avoid the avoidable and be sensitive to body changes that may be indicative of something wrong. By knowing what to do, what not to do and what to look out for, especially for those with a family history of cancers; the occurrence can reduce, treatment is commenced faster, much is achieved and the prognosis is better.

General Symptoms of All Cancers;

  1. Weight loss
  2. Early satiety
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. A lump/mass somewhere. (which is not always the case)

 Common cancers in women and their specific symptoms;

Breast cancer: a lump, usually not painful which progressive enlargement, discoloration of the skin around the lump and discharge from the nipple which could be bloody. Cervical cancer: bleeding from the vagina which is different from the normal menstrual flow, abnormal vaginal discharge, and painful sexual intercourse.

Endometrial cancer (uterus): post-menopausal bleeding.Ovarian cancer: abdominal swelling and pain, bloated feeling, abnormal vaginal discharge, and constipation.

Ovarian cancer: abdominal swelling and pain, bloated feeling, abnormal vaginal discharge, and constipation.Lung cancer:

Lung cancer: a cough, bloody sputum, chest pain, breathlessness.Adding the specifics to the general gives a good idea of what could be wrong. Although, these symptoms could be vague and could be for some other disease which could not be so life threatening.

Adding the specifics to the general gives a good idea of what could be wrong. Although, these symptoms could be vague and could be for some other disease which could not be so life threatening. Other things to bear in mind; Smoking is a risk factor for almost all cancers and even other debilitating diseases. Drinking alcohol excessively is not helpful. Avoid undue exposure to radiation, ‘Uncontrolled’, unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners increases the risk of cervical cancer. We do not have power over some things. But the things we do have power over, we are obliged not to waste such power.

sickle cell anemia threatens love

What Would You Do If Sickle Cell Anemia Threatens to Complicate Your Simple Love Stories

“Let me die,” that was what nine-year-old Abiye said to me as I sat down beside her bed to give her the next dose of ibuprofen in the bid to reduce her pain levels as much as possible. This was her 3rd admission in the space of a year and maybe her 7th or 8th since she was diagnosed. She had lost count. I watched her clench her teeth as the pain came again; she made no effort to conceal her tears.“I wish I was not born, this is too much…”

“Sometimes I wish I was not born, this is too much…”I hugged her and allowed her to cry. It was one thing she could choose to do herself. She definitely did not choose to be a sickle cell anemia patient. She was suffering the consequences of her parent’s decision to get married despite foreknowledge of their genotypes; AS and AS.

I hugged her and allowed her to cry. It was one thing she could choose to do herself. She definitely did not choose her life. She was suffering the consequences of her parent’s decision to get married despite foreknowledge of their genotypes; AS and AS. She looked smaller than her age, thin with long arms and fingers and a beauty worth staring at. Her English was perfect and her mannerisms reflective of her rich family with high social standards. She got all the care needed during all her crisis which was not the same for her other suffering friends.

Her parents had been close friends for years having known each other since they were little. Their families often joke about their future marriage and how perfect it would be. Life happened at some point and they separated her father to Canada and her mother to Ghana. They came back years later, well-educated and still madly in love. Preparations for their wedding commenced in earnest.

The local church asked both of them to have genotype tests. The results came like a shock wave to them all. It had never occurred to either of them. They just assumed. They both knew the possible implications; every conception had the 25% risk of being a sufferer. All their children might ‘escape’, all might be ‘trapped’, it might be 50-50 and it could just be one of them… which was Abiye’s case. She was sandwiched between two healthy siblings, ‘Normal’ siblings. For her parents, it had been a battle of survival as being in and out of hospitals more often than even some doctors definitely had its toll on their marriage. Before marriage, they had teased that their love was stronger than any sickler’s crisis.

This was gradually proving to be wrong as their annoyance, irritability, guilt and blame-game were not child’s play. Their other children were not spared from the constant hospital feature in Abiye’s life. Her parents were prepared to give and spend all. But were they ready to grant her wish for death?

What we all want is Love

 More than anything, we all wish to find love that would last a lifetime. We want to be with that person without whom we are empty. But we sometimes forget that marriage goes beyond the two lovebirds unless there is an agreement not to have children. The husband get’s castrated or the wife ties her fallopian tube for such an. As long as children would feature someday, certain things like genotype compatibility should not be taken for granted. Of course, unexpected things sometimes happen to those with compatible genotypes. But, eating pepper soup with your eyes wide open is taking a great risk with knowledge of the possible consequences. Yes, some couples are lucky and all their children are healthy and normal. Yes, some have sickle anemic children and they are managing well. The question is if you and your love are not lucky, and your child or all your children are sufferers; can you bear to watch them go through all that? Would you be able to provide for all their needs health wise? Can your marriage stand in the face of such a storm? Can you not avoid it? Think about it.

pregnancy image

Odds Of Getting Pregnant – Tips For Improving Your Odds Of Getting Pregnant Naturally


There are many reasons why a woman cannot conceive a baby. If you are one of these women, who are experiencing odds of getting pregnant, read this article to get tips to improve your chances of conceiving a baby.

1) You have to consult first an obstetrician for you to be diagnosed. Your doctor could conduct series of tests to know if you have hormonal imbalances.

2) Engage yourself in physical activities or exercise routines every day for at least 30 minutes. Try different sports such as playing tennis, swimming, badminton, or volleyball. Or you can do simple exercises such as walking your dog, jogging or biking.

3) You should consider your sexual positions during sex. The advisable positions are dog style and missionary positions. During intercourse, do not shift to different positions especially sitting to standing positions. After intercourse, you have to raise your hips by putting a pillow under your bottom to help the sperm swim near your cervix.

4) Do not stress yourself if you cannot conceive. Do it naturally and with love. Remember that a child is a product of your love with your partner.

5) Another tip for improving your odds of getting pregnant is to know your ovulation period. Timing is very critical in conceiving. Knowing your ovulation period will give you the best time to have intercourse with your partner.

6) Eating healthy and nutritious foods will help improve your chances of conceiving a baby. You have to include in your balanced diet the following: milk, orange, poultry, beans, nuts, green leafy vegetables and lean meats. Avoid in your daily meal trans fat food such as potato chips, cookies, French fries, and doughnuts.