5 Must Have Apps for Women

We all have heard there is an app for everything, and yes there is. Personally, apps have been an integral part of my daily productivity. It has helped me be more effective in business, and with my personal life. Here is a list of 5 must-have apps for every woman.



This is one of my favorite apps of all time. As a writer and book lover, this app helps me keep up with my reading. You can plug up your phone to the car and listen as you drive to an amazing collection of literature. Available on Android and IOS.

Available on Android and IOS.



We all have our monthly periods and for some of us, it’s too much trouble remembering when we are due for another flow. Clue is a free monthly menstrual period tracker which is approved by Obstetrics and Gynecologist worldwide. You don’t want to be caught red-handed on your next trip to the beach, would you?

Available on Android and IOS




This app helps you to keep up with your birth control that way you never miss a pill ever again. We all know what can happen when that happens.

Available on Android and IOS



I downloaded this app years ago, it helps me monitor my spending and keep track of what I am worth. The app which is powered by Intuit helps you budget your income, pay and schedule your bills, and be more financially responsible.

Available on Android and IOS



If you are about making money from items you don’t use, there’s an app for that. You can buy and sell your used stuff and make money easily. There’s someone close by who wants what you have.

Available on Android and IOS

ambition is catalyst

Ambition is the greatest catalyst for success, Protect yours.

It is not ambition that kills you. Ambition only acts as a catalyst. It drives you and fills you up with positive energy which you can harness into achieving something great. Stasis, on the other hand, can drive you nuts. Staying dormant will never propel you toward greatness. It will, however, enslave you and create room for resentment towards yourself and others. It kills you slowly.

Surround yourself with people who challenge you to be a better version of yourself. Be with people who bring positive energy to the table.

Protect your ambition, Protect your space.

You cannot allow negative people into your space. They will only end up stealing from you without remorse. They will steal your happiness. They will steal your joy. They will make everything you worked so hard for seeming worthless until you become one of them; not going forward, not going backward- caught in the middle. They will not stop until you are on their level and that is when you begin to die slowly, your creative energy and enthusiasm for life wanes until you become just a shadow. The painful part is you know you are spiraling downwards yet you are helpless because the type of people you allowed in who ought to have been the people helping you regenerate are doing the opposite of that. They are degenerative and that is your disadvantage.

You cannot make progress if you do not put a stop to it. Be done with all that. Enough of all that.What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. Draw from your well of strength and break free. Even when they are clawing at you, fight them off. You cannot be in the dark and expect to see the light without lighting a torch and once you break free, never look back. Re-establish yourself and amplify your energy by connecting with those who not only remind you of who you are but also help and challenge you to put your energy to good use and see your dreams and aspiration through.


becoming the best of yourself

Becoming The Best Version of Yourself, Success in a Life of Design.


If you desire something, go ahead and work towards it. You have to stop thinking about what other people will say about you and concentrate on what you want. Of course, we all want to be right. We all want to lead. We all want to be rich. We all want to be free. We all want many things but we will not have all these if all we do is succumb to the pressures that surround us.

You are not him. You are not her.

Stop thinking like him. Stop acting like her. You have a mind. Use it. Think for yourself. It is a choice to be the best version of yourself, becoming exactly who you want to be. Just do you.

Not everyone will agree with you but do not let that stop you.The encouragements may never come, do not wait for it.Every one of us has dreams they hold dear yet only a few succeed. The criticisms will always be there, the hurdles may never go away, and the arrows may keep pointing at you but your reaction matters where this is concerned.

Do you stay low when you get hit or do you try to get back up and try again? Some people never get over their failures but others do and there lies the difference. If you concentrate on your weakness you will face many limitations.

Keep pushing. Keep pressing. You are not him or her. You will succeed only when you want to succeed.