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Basics of an Essential Workout

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First and foremost the key to any good workout is having peace of mind. Clearing your head and removing the stresses of the day increases your weight loss by 100%. Your mind is the strongest tool on your body. I will give you 3 essentials to an effective workout regime.

  1. Music is a great way to get into your happy place. It is imperative to remain focused and intent on positivity during a workout. Although it may hurt like crazy, if your mind is in a good place you will endure the burn to the end and surely accomplish the task at hand as well as your desired results.
  2. The second most influential part of any workout is staying hydrated. Your water intake is half the battle. Our bodies although made up of 50 to 75% water need water to survive. Water causes our organs to function properly. It flushes out various toxins taken in on a daily basis. It keeps oxygen flowing to our brain and interestingly enough it keeps headaches and dark spots away. Let’s face it water is a well-known beauty secret which keeps your skin clear and youthful. Now I know some individuals do not care for the taste of water. To cope with this issue one can use lemon, cucumbers, lime, mint, etc, to add an additional flavor as well as an added health benefit to your water. SO DRINK UP! NO EXCUSES!
  3. Last but certainly not least one can increase the benefits of a workout by eating properly. In all honesty Ladies and Gentleman, it does absolutely no good to work out and not apply these 3 basic factors. Please don’t turn the page and give up. Hear me out. It is not hard or too expensive to eat healthy. If you want those French fries eat them. Just go to the store purchase potatoes, clean and slice them, sprinkle some rosemary seasoning on them a little salt and pepper toss them in Virgin Olive oil, pop them in the oven, and wala there you have it. Healthy homemade French fries. Yes, it is a little more work but so is everything that is worth something. Remember eating is not bad. Food is not your enemy. It is what is in the food that tears down our immune systems and causes weight gain. Our bodies need food to survive. So choose your meals wisely.


Just like many of you I have a desired amount that I would like to weigh or more so a desired shape. The only thing is I do not know what that number is yet, but I do know what it looks like. Fair warning if you focus on pounds, you will never lose them. But if you focus on inches the pounds will fall off before you know it. One more secret muscle weighs more than fat in the volume of density levels. The pounds will come off but it will take work and dedication.


I will be posting pictures from the beginning of my journey up to my desired shape. Notice I did not say weight because again I do not know what that number will be yet.  On this journey together let’s take the myths out of working out and make a difference in our own lives. The key is to get, stay and remain HEALTHY while TONED. Nothing irks me more than to watch a fitness DVD and everyone is all cut and ripped trying to tell you how to get like them. I want to see the steps. Show me the journey. Let me see the struggle as well the victory so I can have something to look forward to.


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