eulogies to the dead

Eulogies: Beautiful thoughts that fall on dead ears.

The beauty of the casket reminds me of how much we conceal beautiful things. We then open up after our loved ones have died. Eulogies are wasted on the dead.

I have always hated funeral services not because of the sight of the dead body or cries of the mourners. Funerals are the moments when the most beautiful words about the dead are spoken but they are dead. It is lamentable that half of the sweet words spoken about the dead was most likely unknown to them while they lived.

I remember the priest who preached at the last funeral I attended. My camera clicked away while he spoke but I listened. He told a story of how his late friend saved him from a terrible mistake that would have cost him his life and that of his family. He spoke at length on the impact he made and by the time the sermon was finished, the congregation was in tears.

Tears and Eulogies

I struggled to hide my own tears not because of his words but because the priest never told him. His friend did not even know he did anything that made such influence in his life. As far as I was concerned, telling the story at the funeral service was a waste since the dead man did not hear it while he was alive.

We must realize that people really do not have to die before we say how much they have influenced us?
Everybody needs to be told how much impact they have made on people’s life while they are alive. Many people spend their entire lives wishing that other people would acknowledge them. Your kind words of appreciation and honour at their grave side would really not make any difference.

All that matters is what you have told them while their spirits was in their body. Never throw away a chance to say how much you love and appreciate other people. If you see something beautiful in someone, say it now. Do not wait for that moment when the now cold ears of the dead cannot hear the beautiful words spoken about him.


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twisted values

Twisted values, the core of decisions and life.

On one of my photo-walk sessions to the market, my attention was drawn to this footwear seller. His goods were all varying quality and prices. This shot reminded me of a story I once heard. A group of mischievous college students agreed to rob a supermarket just for the fun of it. They then came together to think of a good plan, but none of the plan covered how they were going to transport the stolen goods without a car or any alternative transportation.  Finally, one of them then suggested something that made them feel like they had just eaten the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

They agreed to move into the shop by eleven p.m. since the supermarket closed by nine p.m. They got together and broke into the supermarket with the singular purpose of exchanging the price tags. The price tag of the  fifty thousand dollar Jacket was exchanged with the fifteen thousand dollar price tag. The price tag of the really expensive television was exchanged with one that the supermarket owners kept just to occupy space. They did this for all the goods they wanted and they were done and gone before one thirty a.m.

The following morning they were back at the supermarket, this time to buy the goods with already changed price tags. They paid for all they wanted before anyone noticed that the VALUE of the goods had been changed.

What a twisted mind!

But wait a second. This is surely a perfect reflection of what’s going on in our society today. Someone somewhere came in and messed with our sense of value. In as much as we will like to blame this on the devil, we must take responsibility for our actions. We must take responsibility for not putting the first things first. For not placing value on the things that really matter.

You may have chosen to enjoy a movie over being with a friend who really needed you just because we did not value that relationship. You believe it’s best to buy that beautiful dress than send your friend who is in need some money. Like that footwear seller, there are a lot of things and people in your life, tag them with the right value.

This is not to make you choose suffering over enjoyment but to make you reconsider and prioritize your values. The value we place on people, events and things would determine if we will have regrets when look back at our lives. Make the right decision today. Spend them with that friend, spend that call credit to better your relationships, attend that get together, attend that voice training, write that article, start that business. Invest in that which is truly valuable.


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