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Africans take Self Medication too Far, This is becoming a dangerous Trend. 

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Some rowdy motor park west of Nigeria’s South, Lol. There is someone’s mother waiting to buy some concoction and she thinks it cures all ailments. You can apply it in baths and drink some of it. You can chew on it or rub some on the baby’s rash, you can stick some in that swollen sore. Sometimes you just swallow the whole pack, are these not enough signs that self-medication has no checks? It works in every way imaginable, also for everything that ails you.

There is a lot of good culture African mothers pass to their children. More importantly, mothers perpetuate folklore and keep history alive. Many of us enjoyed ijapa and Yanibo stories from our mothers who were told by their mothers. This is one evidence of the fact that the survival of the black race relies a lot on the woman. Whatever needs to be passed on moves faster through women and the sp.


Self Medication May Never end?

Against this backdrop, we need to fear the continuity of self-medication. This has silently become a part of our culture, women and daughters find it so convenient to stock pills in their bags. You would meet an average Nigerian girl and ask her for Paracetamol. She will pull out a sack full of pills. A lot of girls are mobile pharmacies. This is learned from years of helping mummy refill, inspect and evaluate her stock of self-medication.

G Arikpo et al. had a lot to say about the terrible nature of this plague, Africans may die more from eating every drug they find than poverty. This study was carried out in Crossover Nigeria:

Self-medication in rural Africa has reached a crisis state, and people take anything as treatment. Even potentially toxic substances are taken as remedies. 99.4% of respondents relied on self-medication, while 0.6% consulted physicians. A wide range of substances such as herbs, antibiotics, ash, kerosene, and petrol, are used as remedies, and no specific drugs are used for specific ailments. This depicts a confusing state of folk medicine in rural Africa.

In Recent News

Top celebrities get into a lot of conflicting social media outrage, in a recent story, a top Nigerian blogger got lashed on social media for self-medicating. Sometimes we think maybe if Africa were more educated, we blame the slow pace of development. However,  it seems the popularity of self-medication goes beyond a case of illiteracy or lack of exposure. The cases of wrong medication, misuse and self-medication cut across various social classes and it shows a need for caution and awareness.

Africans are already endangered a lot, self-medication is quite addictive from the little I have seen. A lot of women become dependent on some particular pill, this process is unconscious but it sticks. This does not need a lab scientist or machine results to be seen for the danger it portends, continuous exposure to chemicals cannot be healthy and we need to speak against this any chance we get.


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