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5 Big Decisions to make before you fall in Love

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Falling in love is usually one of the best experiences one can have, but a lot of times it becomes more of a baggage than an adventure. It’s a very common feeling to struggle with unfinished projects, dreams left unattended. This loss of excitement may be transferred into a relationship and it becomes a sour experience to live with a person who you once desired to be with for the rest of your life. Decisions we ignore, end up niting us.

It’s really a wise decision to consider not making Love your crucial first decision, there are a lot of big decisions that need to be made and they define who you are much more than the person you choose to love. There are so many reasons why we get attracted to who we get attracted to, some of these reasons are built on decisions we usually ignore like:

1. Your Workplace:

choosing the kind of people you work with is very important, are their goals in line with your passion? Would you Job fuel your life or become a terrible burden before and after you fall in love?.

2. Family relations:

before you fall in love, family responsibilities need to be well thought out. It is usually burdensome for a young relationship when you carry along with you heavy responsibilities to your family that may question your commitment to your new relationship. The essence of “family introductions” as is common in some cultures is to also signify that the family on both sides are fully aware that you are now ready to place a higher priority of your commitment elsewhere.

3. Community:

what position do you hold in the various communities to which you are affiliated, you may need to strike a balance in these positions before cupid sends an arrow your way :). The local community, religious affiliations, leisure, and hobbies could become major sources of conflict in a relationship. Some communities may not be healthy for your relationship, make a choice of community wisely.

4. Friends:

closely related to your decision on the community is your choice of association; the friends you go out with and spend most of your time with. Healthy relationships are built on the support of healthy friendships, there are some friendships that would eventually threaten the security of your relationship.

5. Values:

it is important to have values, some standards you would never compromise or at least would hold on to when deciding who you are. Your values are the backbone of all other decisions, what do you hold in high esteem. These are issues and decisions you should settle before falling in love.


Love in itself is a beautiful thing and should not become a burden, yet for so many reasons it may turn out totally unlike what we expected. Making some crucial decisions before we fall in love is as important as deciding who we want to live the rest of our lives with.

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