4 Ways to Celebrate Easter With Eggs, Color and Glue

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Easter is a well-timed holiday. As the weather is just warming up and you can literally see new life everywhere, this allows so many of us to understand the true essence of Easter itself: Rebirth, New life, Salvation. And what better way to celebrate this wonderful gift if not with chocolates, eggs and pastel colors?

And speaking of such fabulous things, why not make your Easter full of good times with some simple and yet fun DIYs that would keep you, the kids and all your loved ones happy and busy:

Easter eggs

Not many know this but eggs have been a symbol of the empty tomb of Christ after His resurrection. And the coloring of eggs stems from when they were strained red to symbolize the blood of Christ after His crucifixion. This custom can be traced back to the early church of Mesopotamia and has grown to what is practiced now in western countries in the form of egg hunting and gifting.

But even with its history, decorated eggs have always had excitement around them like the Faberge Imperial Eggs that have been the stuff of legends and treasure maps. It would be fun to make something as awesome as that and so, here is a gateway craft to egg decorating that just might get you addicted to making these wonderful treasures.


Glittered Easter Eggs

A Resurrection Garden

If you can have a representation of the Nativity, I am sure you are just itching to make a representation of the greatest moment of all, the resurrection of Christ.


Resurrection Garden

The best part of the craft is that it is so easy to make and many components can be replaced easily with household items like trays, empty jars, and soil from the garden. It is also a fantastic way to have an interactive resurrection story with the kids.


The cross is biggest symbol in Christendom because of what it stands for: Grace, Sacrifice and unconditional Love. Here is a great way to show your faith without breaking the bank.


Twine Cross

You can also replace many components easily like the Styrofoam with tissue paper rolls and the twine with yarn. For an added touch, attach your cross to a wreath to make it more awesome or even wrap lights around it so that it passes the message of light even in the dark.easter-wreath


Foodie Basket

If you a foodie, not to worry, these two are for you. A fantastic mash-up that would make it look like you raided the garden at Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.


Bread Basket


Marshmallows Eggs

And when you put the marshmallow eggs in the bread basket, you will definitely be the belle of the dinner table.

These are just simple and yet, great crafts that you can do with family, friends and your community and also have a beautiful way to share your passion about the greatest gift of all, John 3:16.

Have fun, keep being creative and have a wonderful designed life.




Amsa Yaro

Amsa Yaro is a former journalist turned aspiring Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator, and Craft goddess. She always seems to find herself covered in glue, glitter, and paint as she lives a life full of color, one day at a time. Her art pieces have been exhibited in many events in London, Ontario, where she currently lives. You can find more about her at her Instagram @AmsaYaroStudio.

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